Columbia Pacific Communities’ 2nd TVC on TATA Sky Seniors

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To promote community living as a concept for senior citizens, Columbia Pacific Communities, India’s largest senior living community operators unveiled a new promotional campaign for Tata Sky viewers. The new TVC highlights why community living is the future for seniors in India. It aligns with the brand purpose of positive ageing and clearly positions the offering as “serviced residences for seniors” differentiating it from old age homes. 

The 40-second film is targeted towards the viewers of ‘TATA Sky Seniors’ a channel that caters to an older audience  who are progressive and positive in their thoughts and actions. The TVC has been designed and conceptualised to bring out the small and big things that make community living a truly wholesome, fulfilling, safe and positive experience. In times of crisis, seniors living in a community are much better looked after and protected than those living independently.  The campaign urges senior citizens to enjoy their golden years being independent and worry-free.

Highlighting the concept of the TV campaign, Piali Dasgupta, Vice President, Marketing, Columbia Pacific Communities, says, “Our month-long campaign on Tata Sky Seniors is an ode to the idea of community living, and what it truly means to live in a happy and energising community in your golden years. It’s no secret that loneliness is the biggest killer amongst seniors; a self- sufficient community and with like-minded people is the biggest antidote to isolation and loneliness in one’s advanced years and the secret to ageing positively. Besides, in extraordinary times like this, a community stands for you.

“This TVC will always be special because it was conceptualised and scripted by our creative agency Famous Innovations and produced in house using stock images while adhering to social distancing and quarantine norms.”

In a span of 40 seconds, the TVC showcases the brand ethos of positive ageing. The film celebrates the idea of a healthier, happier, worry-free, independent and more purposeful future for seniors who choose to live in a community of like-minded people. Thereby encouraging them to opt for India’s first senior living community designed to international standards, The Virtuoso Club and Serviced Residences, Bangalore.

The TVC is scheduled to go live on  TATA Sky Seniors channel from May 15, 2020.

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