Vasundhara’s focus is now music therapy

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Vasundhara Das, actor and singer, is promoting music therapy as a way to destress.

“Music is very subjective — what you find interesting may not be the same for others,” she told Metrolife, after speaking to an online audience for about 45 minutes on Thursday.

It can help deal with many situations, even something like bad Bengaluru traffic.

“If I listen to something that pleases me, I react to the chaos of it differently,” she says.

The situation determines the kind of music that helps. “If I’m stuck in traffic, something melodic relaxes me. On a highway, I would prefer rock to get me excited. Similarly, depending on what I’m feeling, music is my go-to to get the adrenaline going,”she told Metrolife.

When amongst a group, subjective choices in music may not work.

“Here the content has to be universal. One needs to be mindful and try to understand this. I’ve been doing this for over a decade and we focus on community building,” she says. The lockdown has been a period for reflection and she is using the time to attend webinars and workshops.

Vasundhara is not keen to get back to the movies. “It was a huge part of my life but I’m in a different space now. I don’t regret it but I don’t miss it either. I’m following a different path now,” she says.

The 16th edition of a series titled #TheLivingRoom saw the actor, musician and entrepreneur talk about the role of music in mental wellness for the elderly.

Shakalaka baby

Vasundhara Das is the singer of a string of hits, such as ‘Chale Jaise Hawayein’ (Main Hoon Na), ‘Kahin To Hogi Woh’ (Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na), ‘Salaame’ (Dhoom), ‘Shakalaka Baby’ (Mudhalvan) and ‘Soni Soni’ (Rehnaa Hai Terre Dil Mein),among others. . The Bengaluru musician has also acted in films such as ‘Monsoon Wedding’, ‘Ravanaprabhu’, ‘Corporate’ and ‘Ek Dastak’.

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