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Retirement Home With Healthcare Facility in Budigere, Bangalore


Expert Doctors Team at The Virtuoso Retirement Homes, Budigere, Bangalore

Columbia Asia Hospitals, one of the leading modern healthcare providers in South Asia, is our health partner. Here, your routine check-ups and healthcare needs are always prioritised with high-quality care, transparency, and affordability.

Retirement Home With 24×7 Ambulance Service in Budigere, Bangalore
  • Screening, assessment, and consultation from visiting doctors
  • 24×7 ambulance service in case of emergencies
  • Round the clock care from qualified nurses
  • Medical records are maintained and kept in-house to help with your diet and wellness plans

The Virtuoso care isn’t just limited to our wellness centre, it’s at the heart of everything you see here. From the corridors to the elevators, the care is in the details.

Retirement Home with Intuitive Team of Helpers and Planners

An insightful and intuitive team of helpers and planners at your convenience.

With open corridors that span a vast 2.1 meters in width, there’s enough space for two mobility devices to manoeuvre together and easy turnaround of stretchers if needed.

With 6 elevators programmed to stay open for 5 seconds longer than ordinary elevators, there’s no rush! All the elevators can accommodate mobility devices, and 2 of them are designed to carry stretchers.

We wish we never have to use it, but in case of emergency, an ambulance is just a call and an elevator ride away.

Not just the lifts and the corridors, all of The Virtuoso is designed for easy access on mobility devices. Flush transitions in the flooring make walking and movement a breeze. The gardens are also designed with this philosophy so that gardening on a mobility device is also achievable.




We hope everything you’ve seen and read about our senior living communities interests you. You might have a couple of (hundred) questions to ask - about the community, amenities, scheduling a tour, or just about the library! Please leave your details here, and we’ll call you back.


2999, 12th A Main Rd,
HAL 2nd Stage Indiranagar,
Bengaluru - 560008
Phone: +91 80 4018 1000