A World Senior Citizens Day initiative by Columbia Pacific Communities

Can careers become golden with age?

Multi-award-winning actor Shabana Azmi talks about the #ChiefExperienceOfficer initiative by Columbia Pacific Communities.

A golden start in the golden years.

Experience is the greatest teacher. Then why do seniors, who have the most experience to their name, have to retire around the age of 60? This is where #ChiefExperienceOfficer, an initiative by Columbia Pacific Communities comes in. On the occasion of World Senior Citizens Day (August 21), we urge corporates and start-ups to hire senior citizens in suitable roles and leverage the goldmine of experience, wisdom and foresight they offer. We also invite senior citizens across the length and the breadth of the country to share their information and the kind of roles they would want to explore.

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Columbia Pacific Communities Private Limited (CPC) is not a job portal. CPC as a part of its not for profit “Chief Experience Officer” initiative is only trying to create an opportunity/platform between the interested recruiters ( in short “recruiter”) and the senior(s) who desires to get engaged (in short “aspirant”) to explore the possible symbiotic association between recruiter and aspirant either for monetary reward or honorarium.

CPC does not guarantee any interview/meeting/discussion/employment with any recruiter or aspirant.

Aspirants are advised not to (i) share any personal sensitive information or data like PAN, Adhar, Bank account details, date of birth, details of family members etc. on the portal or with any agency and shall share only such relevant information which is necessary for the probable engagement (ii) to pay money/charges with any source in the name of guaranteed interviews/engagements with potential recruiters.

CPC shall assume no responsibility or liability towards the outcome of interviews, selection processes, compensation etc.

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