At Columbia Pacific Communities, we believe that life should be celebrated at every stage, especially during the golden years. As India's largest and most preferred senior living community operators, we take great pride in curating exceptional living spaces that cater to the unique needs and desires of seniors.

Our communities are a testament to our unwavering commitment to creating a supportive and thriving environment for seniors. We understand the importance of independent living while embracing the beauty of ageing gracefully. Through an array of carefully designed amenities and services, we encourage our residents to lead fulfilling lives, brimming with joy, purpose, and adventure.

At Columbia Pacific Communities, India’s largest and most preferred senior living operators, worry-free lifestyle is not just a privilege; it's an embraced way of life.

Food and Dining

Indulge in a nourishing and delightful dining experience at our senior living communities, where freshly prepared meals by talented chefs await you every day. We prioritise a balanced diet and nutrition, sourcing ingredients and vegetables meticulously for maximum freshness and hygiene. Our spacious dining areas and restaurants provide the perfect space to savour moments with friends, fostering a sense of community. Our diverse and creative menu not only provides essential nutrition but also treats your taste buds to a gastronomic adventure, ensuring that each meal is a celebration of life itself.


Discover the true essence of worry-free living in all our senior communities. Say goodbye to the burden of household chores; we have got you covered. From everyday household services to meticulous dusting and cleaning, we take care of it all. Our skilled team can handle electrical and plumbing maintenance, and much more, always ensuring your comfort and convenience .

Safety and Security

Step into our secure haven, where your safety is our topmost priority. At all our communities, we take safety to the next level with robust perimeter security and state-of-the-art CCTV cameras ensuring a watchful eye. For us, safety is not merely a physical aspect; it's a heartfelt commitment to proactively safeguarding every resident, allowing you to bask in peace and comfort.


At Columbia Pacific Communities, we prioritise your health and happiness above everything else, ensuring you experience a worry-free lifestyle enriched with the finest care and compassion. Across all our senior communities, we provide an extensive range of healthcare services including periodic health screenings and consultations with visiting professionals from renowned hospitals. But that's not all; rest easy knowing that our 24x7 emergency ambulance service is always at your disposal, ready to provide swift medical assistance during times of urgency.


Our grand clubhouses are vibrant spaces where residents can connect, make new friends, and pursue their interests. Whether you're into reading, games, or yoga, our dynamic enrichment centres have something for everyone. Stay connected with WiFi and well-appointed meeting areas, making leisure and business a breeze.

Business centres
Reading lounge
Indoor games room
Multi-purpose hall


At Columbia Pacific Communities, we offer a variety of amenities tailored to seniors, including a gym, yoga park, library, indoor games room, and spa services. Our goal is to create a fulfilling lifestyle for our senior residents with mindful amenities and more.

Wellness centre and medical room
Yoga & meditation decks
Spa services
Jogging track in the outdoor landscape
Community gathering space
Outdoor dining

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At Columbia Pacific Communities, our purpose is to make your golden years more pleasant and memorable. All our senior homes are designed to global standards, making them highly secure and perfect for seniors. Our dedicated staff is always present to provide housekeeping, laundry, and other essential services. Here one can enjoy more than a few amenities to keep their mind and body active and young: world-class yoga centres, lush green gardens, a gym and indoor/outdoor sports facilities.

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