It's time to #RELEARN!

Forget labels and leave a word of positivity as an ode to our seniors.

how old are you


Does it really matter? We see people doing incredible things every day regardless of their age. That’s why, at Columbia Pacific Communities, we only care about how old you feel! Positive ageing as a concept is open to interpretation.

For some, it’s a way of dealing with ageing, but for us, it’s a way of approaching life. Because, what defines us are not the years we’ve clocked, but the experiences we’ve had and the adventures we seek. We don’t believe in the stereotypical retirement life. We believe in a life beyond rocking chairs, strictly scheduled meals, and routines. We believe in lives lived to the fullest. Finding new hobbies, starting new businesses, growing new networks… There are always new worlds waiting to be explored, with arms wide open.

an ode to positive ageing