Senior homes for NRIs


At Columbia Pacific Communities, our purpose is to make your golden years pleasant and memorable. We are passionate about offering seniors a happy and worry-free life enveloped with care, convenience, and comfort.


Planning your golden years back in your motherland is like living the nostalgia of homecoming every day. Here you can revisit your old tales of adventure, banter with your new buddies and indulge in never-ending conversations while creating new memories on the go. So, whether you have settled abroad and are looking for a perfect home for your parents or planning to spend your retirement years amidst safety and solace, our senior homes for NRIs match both your needs and desires.


Over the years, we have perfected the idea of a holistic lifestyle by improving community living and dedicated caregiving. We don’t believe in the stereotypical retirement life. We believe in a life beyond rocking chairs, strictly scheduled meals, and routines. It’s an opportunity to be more youthful, animated and happy by living where your heart dwells. At our communities you get to live like one big family, connected with compassion, culture, support, and love for others.

Grow younger every day - Senior-friendly amenities and services

Healthcare - With Columbia Asia Hospitals being our health care partner, our communities are equipped with on-premise caregivers, 24x7 ambulance facility and medical assistance.

Food - Prepared by professional chefs, our every meal is nourishing and retains that homely taste.

Intelligent design - Widened corridors and hallways, spacious elevators with extended wait time and senior-friendly architecture for an effortless and comfortable living.

Club and entertainment - Interact and bond with likeminded people by participating in various cultural and social activities.

Dedicated concierge - In house errand service that responds to all requests, from housekeeping to booking an appointment.

Games and fitness - Senior-friendly equipment for regular exercise and muscle fitness. Enjoy playing various outdoor games with others.

Open the doors to endless happiness

Your golden years are some of the most treasured years of your life, it’s an opportunity to reconnect with family and friends and do the things you love. It is not hard to fulfil the great plans for your golden years with the right home that will adapt to your needs and ensure that you can live life to the fullest. The Virtuoso by Columbia Pacific is India's first independent senior living community designed to international standards. The Virtuoso is mindfully designed to help you disconnect from the everyday bustle and allows you to nestle in the comfort of your beautiful home. It offers unmatched senior-friendly amenities, premium living spaces, as well as world-class healthcare from Columbia Asia Hospitals to redefine your lifestyle.  The Virtuoso at Budigere Cross , Bengaluru is designed by pioneering architects of premium senior living communities in the US, Perkins Eastman and Venkataramanan Associates; known for their innovative and responsive design solutions. From comfort to security, every aspect of this future ready senior community has been thoughtfully selected to ensure an uncompromising lifestyle for our residents. Live your life to the fullest with exclusive amenities like gaming courts, community hall, lush green parks, a yoga centre and a signature club to socialise with other residents. Located in the heart of Bengaluru, The Virtuoso offers convenient access to all prime locations, saving you from the tedious commute and also enjoys proximity to established hospitals. Now is your turn to live a life full of special moments at India's most preferred senior living home, imbued with comfort, safety and endless happiness.

Here's to the good life

Experience the joy of your golden years, a time to embrace the life you have tirelessly built. Release the dreams you have kept locked, beckoning for their moment to shine. This chapter is special, it is your chance to seize every opportunity to make your dreams of a good life come true.

At Serene Amara by Columbia Pacific, we understand the significance of this remarkable stage in your life. We strive to transform your golden years in your motherland into a truly enchanting experience. From world-class, senior-friendly amenities to breathtaking green landscapes, we have thoughtfully designed everything to ensure your happiness.

Our senior living community in north Bengaluru offers unmatched healthcare facilities, nutritious meals, 24x7 security, doctor and nurses on call, 24/7 ambulance, and proximity to major landmarks in the city. Interact with like-minded individuals and live your golden years on your terms. Serene Amara, a joint venture by Embassy Group and Columbia Pacific Communities, invites you to make magical memories in your post 9 to 5 years.

Special features

State-of-the-art security

Our premises are equipped with CCTV cameras, covering every entry, exit and accessible corner. Our security personnel and camera entry system make your stay worry-free

Landscaped garden

Unwind and relax in the presence of greenery and enjoy the freshness of nature. Sit, relax and indulge in conversations with other like-minded residents.

Reserved guest rooms

Our guest rooms allow you to accommodate family and friends, helping you make the most of such get-togethers.

What we offer

Hassle-free buying - Booking your senior home here at Columbia Pacific Communities is as rewarding as living here. From thoughtful architecture, modern amenities to affordable pricing, we have you fully covered.

Ease of payment - From booking to purchase, our payment process is flexible and unchallenging. So that you can experience convenience way before you move into your new home.

Ease of registration - Buying a property in India while being abroad doesn’t always have to be tricky. We have minimal paperwork and simple registration process.

Easy maintenance - Designed on the concept of safety and convenience, our maintenance staff ensures fuss-free experience round-the-clock.

Frequently asked questions

What is the average cost of buying a retirement home in India?

The cost of buying a retirement home in India depends on many factors such as the location of the retirement home, the size of the apartment and the services and amenities offered by the senior living community. At Columbia Pacific Communities, the retirement home cost for NRIs can range from Rs 47.14 lakhs for a one BHK apartment to Rs 1 crore for a 3 BHK apartment. Our retirement homes are a good investment for NRIs in India as they offer services and facilities centred around a senior’s physical and emotional well-being. Some of the services offered by our senior living communities in India include 24/7 security services, concierge services, 24/7 preventive maintenance for electrical and plumbing work, and housekeeping services. Our retirement homes in India have partnered with leading hospitals to ensure round-the-clock care.

Which is the best place in India to settle after retirement?

Our senior living communities in Bangalore, Coimbatore, Kanchipuram, Chennai, and Puducherry are some of the best places in India to settle after retirement. If you are looking for senior living communities for NRIs, check our retirement communities in India that are designed to help you live your retirement life, your way. Our on-site management team ensures that our residents can enjoy more time doing the things they love than worrying about daily household chores. Some of the services and facilities offered by our senior living communities include:
  • Library
  • Activity centre
  • Clubhouse and gym
  • Spacious dining halls serving nutritious meals
  • Daily and periodic housekeeping service
  • 24/7 plumbing and electrical maintenance
  • Dedicated concierge
  • 24/7 ambulance facility and medical assistance
If you are an NRI and want to know more about retirement homes and purchase of property by NRI in India, call us at +91 8884555554.

What are the facilities you can expect from a premium retirement home offer in India?

Premium retirement homes for NRIs are ideal for seniors looking for an active and engaged lifestyle in a beautiful and secure environment. These communities are fully managed with all communal maintenance and upkeep taken care of. Some of the facilities and services offered by leading senior living communities such as ours include:
  • Maintenance services: Our retirement homes offer daily and periodic cleaning, maintenance of individual living spaces and common areas, customised housekeeping, and 24/7 electrical and plumbing maintenance.
  • Concierge: A dedicated concierge team is available 24/7 to attend to residents’ requests.
  • Daily meals: At our retirement homes, the food is prepared by professional chefs. There is a dedicated dining hall where our residents can enjoy nutritious meals with others. Room service is also available upon request.
  • Wi-fi enabled clubhouse and activity centre: There are plenty of opportunities for our residents to interact and connect with like-minded residents.
  • Games and fitness: Our gyms are equipped with senior-friendly equipment. Also, there are facilities for both indoor and outdoor games.
Senior citizen housing in India has gone through immense changes over the years. Today’s retirement homes in India offer a combination of hospitality, real estate, and wellness.

What are the advantages of living in a retirement community in India?

Senior living communities for NRIs are gaining popularity in India. Seniors who do not need medical care round-the-clock enjoy the kind of active social life that these senior living communities offer. If you are an NRI buying property in India, our senior living communities are a good option for you. Here are a few benefits that our senior living communities offer:
  • Safer living environment: The apartments are senior-friendly with anti-slip tiles and hand rails in the bathroom and panic buttons in each room. The common areas are well-lit and under CCTV surveillance. The gated community is manned by trained security professionals.
  • Focus on wellness: As people age, the need for staying fit increases. At our retirement homes, there are gyms, indoor games rooms, jogging paths, and yoga decks so that our residents have all the facilities at their disposal to stay physically active and fit. Our residents start their mornings with physical activities designed by trained physiotherapists.
  • Freedom from daily chores: When you move into our retirement homes, you do not have to worry about daily household chores such as housekeeping and maintenance of the property. We have a trained and dedicated team that ensures individual living spaces and shared living areas are well maintained and clean.

Are retirement communities a good investment in India?

Independent senior living apartments in India are emerging as one of the best investment options in India. Longer life expectancy, nuclear families, and increasing disposable income are some of the contributing factors for their increasing popularity. If you are planning for NRI investment in the Indian real estate market, check our independent senior living apartments in India. They have a myriad of modern amenities to make your living experience comfortable and enjoyable. From swimming pools and clubhouse to 24/7 maintenance team, the facilities at our senior living communities ensure that our residents enjoy a worry-free retirement life. For NRIs, buying an apartment or a villa at Columbia Pacific Communities is a hassle-free process. To know more, call us at +91 8884555554.

How can an NRI invest in Indian real estate?

The NRI investment in the Indian real estate market has seen a surge over the last few years. If you are an NRI planning to buy a retirement home in India, explore our retirement communities. If you want to know more about retirement homes’ cost in India, call us at +91 8884555554.

What to check for NRIs if investing in a retirement home?

NRI investment in India’s real estate landscape has seen a tremendous increase and there is a huge interest in retirement homes. While buying a retirement home, an NRI should keep the following things in mind:
  • Investment or self use: The purpose of a retirement home plays an important role in the decision-making process. If you are planning to buy a retirement home for yourself or for your parents, look for important amenities. Leading retirement homes such as ours have activity centres, senior-friendly gyms, spacious dining halls, 24/7 on-site maintenance team, and other facilities to help our residents enjoy a worry-free retirement.
  • Select a reputed real estate developer: Buying a retirement home from a reputed and reliable builder comes with peace of mind.
  • Know the location: Buying a retirement home is usually a once-in-lifetime decision. Hence, it is important to select the location carefully. Ask these questions before zeroing in on the location: Do you want to stay close to friends and family? Do you want to stay in a city you are already familiar with? Are there good hospitals and entertainment hubs nearby? Answering these questions will help you choose the right location.
  • Maintenance: Check all the facilities available and the monthly maintenance charges..

If you are an NRI and want to know more about retirement homes and purchase of property by NRI in India, call us at +91 8884555554.

Why are NRIs opting to invest in retirement homes in India?

NRI investment in India’s real estate market, especially retirement homes, have gone up because they offer a vibrant environment to seniors that inspires and invigorates them. Senior living communities like ours have a youthful vibe where our residents enjoy a physically and socially active lifestyle. Clubhouse, swimming pools, facilities for indoor and outdoor games, yoga classes, movie screenings, and music sessions ---- you name it and we have it. Our services and facilities include:
  • 24/7 security and CCTV surveillance in common areas.
  • We have partnered with nearby hospitals to ensure that our senior living communities have on-premises caregivers, 24/7 ambulance facility, and emergency medical assistance.
  • From customised housekeeping services and preventive maintenance for electrical and plumbing work to 24/7 concierge services, our senior living communities offer residents a convenient and comfortable living environment.

If you are an NRI and want to know more about retirement homes and purchase of property by NRI in India, call us at +91 8884555554.

At which age should you consider purchasing a retirement home in India?

The right age to buy a retirement home in India varies from individual to individual. Some prefer to buy a retirement home at a young age and take advantage of a low-interest rate and get a headstart on paying off the loan. At the same time, others prefer to buy a retirement home when they have fulfilled their familial obligations such as a child’s education or wedding. At Columbia Pacific Communities, the eligible age for buying a retirement home is 55. Individuals looking for retirement home plans in India should make their decision based on the price of the home and the monthly service fee. If you are an NRI and want to know more about retirement homes and purchase of property by NRI in India, call us at +91 8884555554.

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