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Senior Living, Reimagined at our Retirement Communities

In India, an estimated 138 million citizens are approaching the golden age. Unlike the generations before them, these independent, financially stable, well-travelled, and socially connected individuals approach life – retirement or not – in their own way. They defy the conventional notions of senior living and demand a fuller life.

Columbia Pacific Communities, one of the leading independent senior living communities in India, was founded to address this growing demand in the country and to completely reimagine senior living.

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A Legacy Of Service


Columbia Pacific Communities is India’s largest and most preferred senior living community operators with over 1750 residential units under management in 5 cities and 10 locations across south India. As the pioneers in this category, it is committed to reimagining the concept of senior living in India and create world-class practices that exceed these expectations of its stakeholders. It is part of the Seattle-based Columbia Pacific Group, one of the foremost developers of senior living communities in the United States and China. Founded by entrepreneur and senior living pioneer Dan Baty, Columbia Pacific has more than 40 years of experience and expertise in designing, building and managing senior housing communities around the world. The team, with the expertise of its principals in the United States of America and its partners in India, brings together rich experience in senior housing design, development and management.

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The Banyan Tree Philosophy

The value of the banyan tree runs as deep as its roots. In ancient scriptures, it is sometimes described as the Tree of Immortality, known to survive and thrive for centuries. It is also called Kalpavrisksha, the fulfiller of all wishes. Lord Buddha is believed to have sat under a banyan tree to contemplate his new-found enlightenment, making it sacred to the Buddhists as well. For the rest of us, the banyan tree is a natural meeting place, a giant umbrella of dark green leaves that protect and foster.

No wonder then that we found resonance in this magnificent symbol, in our corporate values of constancy, stability, and permanence. In our contemporary adaptation of the tree as our corporate logo, the vibrantly-coloured intersecting arcs represent the intersection of hospitality, wellness, and real estate; the three pillars of Columbia Pacific Communities. The colours are a combination of fuchsia, amber, aqua, and lavender which are representative of the zest for life and an ode to the spirit of positive ageing.

The visionaries behind Columbia Pacific Communities

Dan Baty

Founder, Columbia Pacific Management


They aren’t all about excel sheets, pin-striped suits and board room meetings. The core team at Columbia Pacific Communities is vivacious, fun-loving and as colourful as the brand’s logo.

Here’s to the idealists, the go-getters, the changemakers and the happiness agents who are building a legacy of their own by shattering stereotypes and reimagining senior living in the country.

Commodore MT Ramesh

Senior Vice President, Operations, Columbia Pacific Communities

Sanjay Viswanathan

Senior Vice President - Sales, Columbia Pacific Communities

Piali Dasgupta, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Columbia Pacific Communities

Piali Dasgupta

Senior Vice President, Marketing, Columbia Pacific Communities

Shiv Shankar Panday,Chief Projects Officer, Columbia Pacific Communities

Shiv Shankar Panday

Chief Projects Officer, Columbia Pacific Communities

V. Sivakumar

CFO, Columbia Pacific Communities

Ramesh N

Vice President - Finance & Accounts, Columbia Pacific Communities

Poornima H.

Vice President, Design and Development, Columbia Pacific Communities

Girish Krishnan

Vice President, Services Design, Columbia Pacific Communities

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