Empowering seniors against digital scams
this World Senior Citizens Day.

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Phishing for the golden fish?
Not anymore.

Actor Poonam Dhillon joins #FraudFighters,
an initiative by Columbia Pacific Communities

Get a golden defence
for your golden years.

We often see scammers taking advantage of seniors' trust, turning their strengths into vulnerabilities.To counter this, we, at Columbia Pacific Communities,India's largest and most preferred senior living community operators,launched #FraudFighters, an initiative to empower senior citizens against cyber-fraud.

On the occasion of World Senior Citizens Day (August 21),we raise awareness, encourage caution, and invite seniors to share their experiences around cyber crime.

We hosted a Zoom session to help seniors understand the importance of cyber security. With a background in cyber security and risk management, Mr Arul Raj Gomez A, Deputy General Manager, Karnataka Bank led the session. Watch this video as he shares valuable tips with seniors to help them avoid compromising their security online and keeping their money safe.

Different types of cyber scams

How to protect yourself from data breach

How to file a cyber crime complaint

One decision can compromise
your financial security. Choose wisely.

Are you confident you will never fall victim to a scam?
Test your wits against a series of tricky situations and find out

You receive a call from your bank. The caller asks you to click a link that has been sent to your mobile number; otherwise, your account will get deactivated. What should you do?

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You receive a message from an unknown source. The message reads, Congratulations! You have won ₹10,000. Click on the link to transfer the amount. What will be your first reaction?

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Usha has been following up with you to get a new Medical Insurance with better benefits and incentives. However, she’s also asking for your old policy papers. What will you do?

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You receive a call and the caller claims to be your bank manager. He explains that your debit card has been blocked and asks for your card details to reactivate it. What should you do?

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Have a cyber-fraud experience that may help other seniors? Share it with us and become a Fraud Fighter.

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