Things to keep in mind while selecting senior living community

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Senior living communities are a solution to the problems faced by real estate. However, for reasons both good and bad, they have never been viewed as what they are really meant to be. Here are a few aspects that people should keep in mind while choosing a senior living community.

In the past, senior living communities were majorly viewed as places that were meant only for old-age people who have been abandoned by their children. However, in real, senior living communities offer the residents, services and wellness combination that fulfils all the needs of the residents. Moreover, the facilities change with the evolving needs of the residents.

A senior living community should ideally offer the residents the following:

On product front:

Private and public spaces that are accessible, functional and usable for all residents immaterial of their age and ability to move. The design of the building, its services – in terms of lighting levels, wall and floor finishes, transitions, elevator design and specifications should be such that residents should be able to access all areas of the community at all times, independently.
The public space is the living room of the community. Therefore, the space that is allocated should be disproportionately more (8 to 10 times) than the standard allocation to such spaces in a mixed-family condominium. Social interaction and group activities are an integral part of a community that is designed for seniors. The space and design of public areas should encourage and allow both small and large groups to meet, interact and pursue common interests.

On services front:

The services design should look after the day-to-day needs of the residents – whether they are in the community, away for a short weekend trip, or visiting their children for a couple of months. Every single need of the resident, i.e. security, housekeeping, maintenance, dietary and even advisory support on legal and financial matters should be either provided or arranged by the service provider.
The well-being program should ensure that residents remain healthier for longer. This approach to positive ageing should ensure that residents are encouraged to participate in organised activities that keep them physically strong, mentally alert, and intellectually engaged in a socially active environment.
The success of a senior living community lies in the quality of service being provided. A senior living community should ideally provide all the modern facilities for the comfort of the residents, as are there in an integrated township. Team members whose every action is guided by a principle of unconditional love, respect and care for their residents will differentiate a good community from others.

On wellness front:

The wellness program must be supported by an organisation that excels in health care. This will ensure that the medical and paramedical support, provided at the community, will inculcate the best practices of the profession.
Strong and reliable relationships with hospitals in the neighbourhood will ensure that the residents have prompt and preferred attention at the time they actually require.
In a senior living community, the residents should be encouraged to do, not what they have to, but what they want to. They should feel confident that the community is there to support them in whatever they do and at all times. All these aspects together define the success and popularity of a senior living community.

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