S. N. Sharma

S.N. Sharma, a resident of Serene Idigarai

This Serene resident’s passion for Videography is inspiring

Talent knows no age. This seems to be true for 84-year-old Serene Idigarai resident, S.N Sharma. Sharma has been making informative videos which are played for residents of Serene Idigarai every Wednesday.

A former Reserve Bank of India employee, Sharma’s interest for videos and documentaries blossomed between 1987 and 1997. As the incharge of RBI’s computer division, Sharma was working on a special project and had to prepare many power point presentations which got him interested in editing photos, creating videos.

He later bought himself a Nikkon camera and professionally started exploring videography from 2012.

Originally from Bangalore, S.N. Sharma moved into Serene Idigarai in 2016. Using simple Microsoft tools, he makes videos on Tradition, Culture, Indian Spirituality, Science & Technology and publishes them on his YouTube channel which has 375 subscribers.

Some of his videos also feature activities taking place in the Serene Idigarai Community.

A Graduate in B-Com with a Diploma in Radio Engineering, Sharma is passionate about Electronics, Science and Videography. He believes that most of our religious practices and rituals have a scientific relationship. Therefore, his videos mainly focus on the connection between the religious Upanishads and the latest science and technology.

In one of his videos about Chidambara Ragasiyam, he talks about the scientific explanation of the Hindu religious mythology. He refers to the Nataraja statue placed at the CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) center in Geneva to acknowledge the significance of the metaphor of Shiva’s dance for the cosmic dance of subatomic particles.

Sharma’s story is a great example of not retiring your passions owing to age.

In our most productive years, many of us would have given up on our dreams and passion to focus on our professions.

There is still time for you to pursue that passion. Do it not for the laurels and recognition but for the joy of doing something you love.

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