Serene Amara - Residence

The Exclusive Residences - 1+2 BHK Unit (Joined)

Built on 17 floors across 2 wings, the exclusive residences are the work of renowned architects and designers, designed to evoke a sense of belonging amongst its residents. A feeling of family away from family.

The Grande Residences - 2 BHK

Its grandness lies in the details. Some of the best-in-class features turn a carpet area of around 850 sq.ft. (including the balcony) into something spectacular. The glass door makes a statement, showcasing the balcony overlooking it. Bask in the light streaming through and enjoy the company of your friends or step out and indulge in some much-needed self-love. The master bedroom of the Grande Residences allow residents the convenience of future-proofing their lifestyle. The open kitchen with its L-shaped counter is generous in its space planning.

The Premier Residences - 1 BHK

Though the Premier Residences have a carpet area of around 607 sq.ft. including the balcony, the opulent space planning creates a feeling of lavishness. The living and dining areas create a majestic entertainment space for the home. The massive master bedroom is designed keeping in mind the ever-evolving needs of its residents.

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