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Over 64.1% of India’s seniors are lonely. This World Senior Citizens Day, let us take the pledge to change the statistics.

#ReplyDontReject is a movement, a pledge, a promise. To reach out to the seniors in our lives and make them feel less alone.

Boman Irani bats for positive ageing, while urging people to reach out to seniors who suffer from loneliness.

Celebrated actor Boman Irani proves that one is never too old to follow their passion. He believes that his best years are ahead of him and that's why he is always geared up for a new adventure. Watch this video to listen to Boman's interesting take on positive ageing and how his loved ones help him beat loneliness in our brand campaign #ReplyDontReject on the occasion of World Senior Citizens Day.

Columbia Pacific Communities - Boman Irani Speaks About Positive Ageing


People over the age of 60 are more enthusiastic about pursuing their passions than Gen-Z or millennials. Read about this and many more such interesting insights in The Positive Ageing Report 2021.

Columbia Pacific Communities - The Positive Ageing Report

Frequently asked questions

What are the signs of loneliness amongst senior citizens?

Sometimes signs of loneliness in seniors are quite visible especially if seniors have experienced loss of a spouse or a family friend. However, the signs could be subtle and hard to notice. Here are some common signs of loneliness in seniors:

  • Either sleeping too much or too less
  • Increased buying habits
  • Lack of appetite
  • Increased amount of time spent at home

Our retirement homes recognise loneliness as a serious problem that seniors face. Our high-end senior living communities offer residents a sense of community and help them embrace positive, active, and healthy ageing. While the experienced staff members take care of daily chores, residents are free to pursue their hobbies and leisure activities. Residents at our senior living communities are encouraged to participate in social activities that help them explore new things, make new friends, and stay happy and busy.

What are the effects of loneliness amongst senior citizens?

Loneliness and social isolation in senior citizens are serious health risks. Although it is hard to measure the effects of loneliness precisely, a study indicates that social isolation can increase a person’s risk of developing dementia and anxiety. The study presents social isolation as a major risk for premature mortality. Our senior residential communities are designed to help lonely senior citizens help beat social isolation. Our retirement communities are designed to promote positive ageing for senior citizens. The amenities available at our retirement homes support seniors’ overall well-being - physical, social, and emotional. Moving to our retirement communities can be helpful in developing new social relationships, pursuing hobbies, and remaining physically active. Home maintenance and other chores are handled by our trained in-house staff, leaving seniors time to build a meaningful life.

How do residents of senior living communities at Columbia Pacific Communities deal with stress?

Stress can take a toll on a senior’s physical and mental health. There are many situations in life that can cause seniors to feel stressed. The transition from busy work life to retirement or children moving away can all be stressful for seniors. Our senior living projects play a key role in helping seniors manage stress and discover the positives of ageing. For stress management for seniors, we help our residents:

  • Stay physically fit: Staying physically fit can help reduce stress. Our retirement communities in India are designed to offer seniors a sense of community. With yoga sessions, fitness centres, and jogging paths, our residents have several options when it comes to staying physically active.
  • Pursue hobbies: We host different hobby sessions and workshops for our residents. Also, we encourage them to pursue new hobbies such as photography, gardening, or art and craft. As seniors enjoy the process of learning and meeting new people, it takes their mind off the subject that is bothering them.

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