Love knows no age, gender, colour, caste or creed and deserves to be expressed and celebrated by everybody. This Valentine’s Day, we at Columbia Pacific Communities, held a contest titled ‘Expressions of Love,’ to celebrate love in all its myriad forms and glory. As part of the contest, we invited our residents to send in their expressions of love for a special someone in the form of photographs, portraits, sketches, paintings or poetry and prose.   We were heartened by the fabulous response to the contest. Residents sent in messages of love in the form of images, prose, poetry and art. From pictures of the most cherished moments with the love of their lives to artistic representations of universal love, we received varied expressions of love from our residents. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience for us to go through all the entries and picking the most endearing and unique ones from the lot.   The winning entries were sent by Serene Urbana residents – Prof. T. S. Saraswathi, Ms Jyothi Mohan and Mr J. N. Varadarajan. The winners were treated to a special lunch experience at the multi-cuisine restaurant Palette at Taj Yeshwantpur, Bengaluru, on 14th February 2020.  

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