The Virtuoso – Food

With our chefs committed to giving you deliciously nourishing home-style food every single meal, our main kitchen at the Club is designed by 5-star F&B planners. The vegetables and ingredients delivered fresh at the loading bay go through thorough inspections before making their way to the kitchen and then to your plates.

Dining hall of a popular retirement home in India


The dining spaces at The Virtuoso boast an open plan design and high ceilings to fuel your connections over food. The 80-seater restaurant is bright, airy, and offers fantastic views of the garden and trees around. The chairs come with a design detail that you will appreciate when you start a meal and when you finish. They come with wheels in the front for ease of movement. There’s also a 12-seat private dining area for your mega moments.

Farm-fresh vegetables and fruits make mealtimes memorable for senior residents

Farm fresh all the way

Designed by hospitality professionals, the loading and receiving bays at our kitchen unload and receive supplies under the watchful eyes of our chefs themselves. Equipped with pre-wash areas for vegetables, platform trolleys, and flush hoses, they are designed to maintain the highest levels in food hygiene. Our storage, refrigeration, and dishwashing meet global hygiene standards.
The Virtuoso Club and Serviced Residences dining area

As hygienic as they come

With chefs who understand and respect proper food preparation, we have a dedicated preparation area for vegetarian food. The freshest of vegetables are cleaned, prepared, and made plate-ready right here.
Bistro at The Virtuoso Club and Serviced Residences

Indulge as you please

In addition to all the deliciousness straight out of our kitchen, indulge in some smoothies, fresh juices, coffee, or tea at our beverage station, which is equipped with state-of-the-art centrifugal juicers, smoothie makers, coffee machines and milk boilers.

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