An ideal retirement dream is all about having the freedom to live the life you wish. To ensure that you continue to lead an independent life as you age, you need to start planning early. As the largest senior living community operator, we share some helpful insights to help you stay independent as you age: Feed your soul: The way your body needs a well-balanced diet to survive, your soul too needs a spiritual diet to thrive. Start listening to your heart and do what it says. Slowing down a bit to enjoy everyday things can help you feel good. Next time you’re on a familiar walk, appreciate the scene you’re a part of. Play your favourite song. While preparing a meal, take extra time to watch the spices mix or the cheese melt. Savour life’s little moments rather than waiting for something big to happen. Enjoy the everyday sights, sounds and smells. Engage in these simple practices every day and make them a part of your daily routine for long-term happiness. Find movements you love: Exercising makes you feel energised, strong, and confident. Take a moment, ask yourself: What movements bring you joy? While all types of exercises make a difference, finding enjoyable movements will ensure that you stick to it. It could be walking in nature or taking a yoga class or doing aerobics or joining a dance class – do what you like the most. A sedentary lifestyle is your worst enemy as you age. Exercising or getting any kind of physical activity helps increase the levels of good cholesterol while reducing the bad cholesterol levels from the blood. Not just that, exercise gives muscles a good work out, reduces blood pressure, controls your weight and helps you deal with stress. Have a healthy attitude towards money: Financial security is an important aspect of your independence as you age. Your attitudes and beliefs about money are of critical importance in your quest for financial independence. There are times when people spend on things that don’t make them happy. Are you spending on things that truly bring you joy? One great guideline for budgeting is the 50/30/20 rule. Direct 50% of your earnings to essentials like housing, food, and medicines. Dedicate 30% of your earnings for recreational activities such as vacations, painting lessons and the rest 20% for saving.

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