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How to create healthy habits? Useful insights by Serene Amara by Columbia Pacific

October 19, 2023


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Healthy habits can improve the quality of life for seniors. These not only affect their physical well-being but also play a huge role in keeping seniors mentally fit. They can also lead to seniors feeling more disciplined and empowered. As one of the leading retirement communities in India, we share some of the useful insights on how to create health habits that can lead to a balanced and fulfilling life.

1. Setting clear and realistic goals: Starting a journey towards improved health often hinges on setting clear, attainable goals. Using the SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-bound) framework is an invaluable strategy for keeping seniors both motivated and focused. Such an approach ensures seniors have a realistic expectation from the onset, so that they can avoid disappointment and demotivating thoughts later on.

2. Starting small and building gradually: The prospect of radical lifestyle modifications can be daunting. Instead of overhauling habits, seniors should make incremental adjustments. Starting small—say, by increasing daily water intake—can lay a foundation for more significant lifestyle changes in the future. As these small steps gradually transform into routine behaviours, seniors can incorporate more significant changes such as committing to a 30-minute daily walk or ​​engaging in regular strength-training exercises. As time goes by, these small changes can add up to make a big difference in living a healthier life.

3. Setting a routine for health habits and other activities: Seniors should establish a weekly routine when it comes to their life. This routine should include sufficient time for health habits, but it must also provide enough time for recreational activities and relaxation. Overdoing healthy activities can tire seniors out unnecessarily and prevent them from continuing the habits in the long-term. However, with a routine, they will know exactly when it is time to devote to health habits and when it is time to lay back and relax.

4. Support systems are important: The journey towards a healthier lifestyle is significantly more manageable with a robust support network. Seniors should seek out friends, family, or community members who can offer encouragement and even participate in healthful activities. The companionship not only serves as an additional motivational boost but also fosters stronger emotional bonds, enriching their overall life experience.

5. Tracking progress regularly: Keeping track of the progress can help seniors stay accountable and motivated. They can use journals, apps, or calendars to record their daily habits and any improvements in their health and well-being. Assessing how far they have come since the beginning can lead to positive thoughts and increased confidence. It would also provide the necessary push to keep going and not stop the healthy habits they have formed.

6. Sticking to a balanced diet: A balanced diet is the foundation of good health. Seniors should eat a variety of foods, including fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and healthy fats. Trying to be too restrictive regarding the diet can demotivate them and shift them from the right track. Instead, seniors must focus on getting wholesome foods that promote overall well-being.

7. Prioritising rest and sleep: Sleep is often overlooked when talking about health habits. While exercise and diet are important, proper sleep is an irreplaceable part of healthy living. Seniors must focus on getting at least 7-9 hours of sleep each night. A night of restful sleep can improve brain activity, memory, and cognition. It can also keep the senior feeling refreshed and energetic throughout the rest of the day.

Retirement homes in India are increasingly focusing on the promotion of health habits to improve the quality of life for their residents. They offer various amenities designed to enhance the physical and mental well-being of seniors. These may include gyms, yoga studios, meditation rooms, and even nutrition-focused meal plans.

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