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Useful Insights on laughter Yoga By One of The Leading Senior Residential Communities

March 21, 2024


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Laughter yoga is a unique form of yoga that combines the therapeutic benefits of laughter with the breathing techniques used in traditional yoga. It originated in India and had gained worldwide recognition for its numerous health benefits. Seniors who participate in laughter yoga sessions can experience prolonged periods of forced laughter, which helps reduce stress levels. Also, attending laughter yoga sessions help seniors improve social connections. As one of the leading senior residential communities, we share some interesting insights on laughter yoga:

1. Physical health benefits: Laughter yoga incorporates aspects of light cardio exercise due to the increased heart rate and blood flow it can induce. The deep breathing exercises practised in laughter yoga may also improve lung capacity over time. Deep breathing can potentially benefit those with mild respiratory conditions by promoting a healthier breathing pattern.

2. Mental and emotional effects: Laughter yoga triggers the release of endorphins, hormones that have mood-boosting effects.
Regular participation in laughter yoga may help seniors stay relaxed, combat anxious thoughts, and improve their overall mood. Over time, these benefits might even contribute to managing depression and fostering a more fulfilling life experience.

3. Social connection: Laughter yoga is a group activity. By participating in laughter yoga sessions, seniors can feel a sense of belonging within a community, which can help combat feelings of isolation or loneliness. Long-term engagement with the group can provide seniors with fulfilling social interactions and the opportunity to develop supportive relationships with other members of the group. The shared goal of the group also ensures that there will always be topics to discuss, which can further enhance these social connections.

Laughter Yoga Methods:

  • Warm-up exercises: Before starting the laughter exercises, it is important for seniors to warm up with light movements or stretches. This helps prepare the body for activity.
  • Clapping and chanting: The group claps in unison while chanting sounds such as “ho-ho” and “ha-ha.” This creates a light-hearted atmosphere and sets the stage for laughter.
  • Laughter exercises: Laughter yoga incorporates specific exercises such as greeting laughter or lion laughter. Instructors guide participants on how to perform them properly. The focus is on mimicking laughter actions, without relying on humour or jokes.
  • Deep breathing: Deep breathing techniques, similar to those used in yoga, are integrated with the laughter exercises. Instructors can help seniors understand the proper breathing patterns, such as slowly inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth.
  • Cool-down and relaxation: After the laughter session, some time is dedicated to relaxation activities. This might involve guided meditation to unwind and focus on the positive energy experienced during the session.

Retirement home communities in India are incorporating laughter yoga as an integral part of their wellness programmes.

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