The Impact Loneliness has on Your Parents’ Health, and How Modern-Day Independent Senior Living Apartments are Helping their Residents Beat Loneliness?

April 19, 2021

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“What is hell? Hell is oneself. Hell is alone, the other figures in it. Merely projections. There is nothing to escape from. And nothing to escape to. One is always alone.” – TS Eliot, renowned American poet. The above quote by TS Eliot captures the sad truth about loneliness. Loneliness is indeed an unpleasant experience. But besides the feeling of being alone, are there any long-term harmful effects associated with loneliness? Well, loneliness is more than just a terrible feeling. There are several long-term health effects of loneliness. As one of the leading senior living communities, we share with you the impact loneliness can have on your parents’ health: Psychological disorders: Loneliness can often contribute to a range of psychological disorders like depression and anxiety and older adults seem to be at a slightly higher risk. It can be difficult to recognise the signs of psychological disorders as seniors are less likely to talk about their feelings or physical problems like fatigue, loss of appetite, sleeping troubles and fatigue. This means family and friends may find it difficult to recognise whether older people are feeling lonely or not. Unhealthy habits: Loneliness makes it harder for senior adults to stick to a healthy lifestyle. Overeating or drinking too much alcohol are some of the bad habits that senior adults may get addicted to when they feel lonely. Moreover, lonely people are more likely to withdraw from socialising and seek emotional support – all this makes them even more isolated. Sleep deprivation: Loneliness can wreak havoc with sleeping patterns. It has been found that sleep deprivation can have negative effects on metabolism and hormonal regulation, affecting the immune system of senior adults. How independent senior living apartments are helping their residents beat loneliness? “The power of community to create health is far greater than any physician, clinic or hospital.” – These words by American physician, and New York Times best-selling author Mark Hyman, capture the importance of living in a community with like-minded people. We believe that the best way to beat loneliness is to have a sense of belongingness and something to look forward to each day. Many independent senior living apartments like ours provide residents with opportunities to meet like-minded people. We have different groups for different activities that your parents can join should they choose to live in our senior living homes. Joining these groups offer them a platform that has a shared purpose and eventually, they will make a friend. Though initially, it may be difficult for people who are lonely, research shows group activities and being part of a community help fend off loneliness.

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5 Ways to Eat Healthy During Holidays – Tips for Seniors

March 11, 2021

Categories : Senior Health Tips

5 Ways to Eat Healthy During Holidays - Tips for Seniors

Holidays are all about family, friends, great food and great memories. It is also that time of the year when people usually gain weight. It’s often seen that during holidays one doesn’t stick to their regular exercise regimen and easy access to sumptuous treats can make them snack unnecessarily. However, this doesn’t have to be like this always. As one of the leading senior living communities,  we share with you 5 tips to eat healthy throughout the holiday season without giving up on your holiday favourites: Have caffeine in moderation: When you are with friends and family, there are multiple rounds of tea and coffee. While both tea and coffee are known for increasing alertness, when consumed in copious amounts they can cause nervousness, anxiety, and digestive troubles. Limiting caffeine intake will help you sleep better and feel less anxious and jittery. Not just that, reducing caffeine also keeps you energised. Increase fibre intake: During the holiday season, often fibre intake takes a backseat in your dietary diligence. With cookies and other goodies easily available, people tend to make food choices that are high in sugar and low in fibre. It is important, however, to consciously include high-fibre foods at every meal. Fill at least half the plate with high-fibre vegetables and fruits. One easy way to add more fibre to your diet is to have high-fibre breakfast and eat salad before every meal. Keep yourself hydrated: When it comes to avoiding weight gain associated with the holiday season, the typical mindset is to increase workouts and cut calories. But what many people do not realise is that drinking water can help you address problems like weight gain and digestive issues. It is good to kick-start your body’s metabolic process in the morning by drinking a glass of water. Eat mindfully: To prevent festive season binge eating, you must opt for healthy food choices and eat mindfully. When you fill your plate, fill it with the food you love but in small portions. Notice the colours, taste and textures. Savour every bite. Eating slowly will stop you from overeating. Before heading to a party, have a high-protein snack to curb hunger pangs. Limit alcohol: Alcohol makes you eat more, besides increasing your risk of liver, heart, brain and stomach damage. It is advisable to set a limit and stick to it. Have a friend or a partner to keep yourself accountable. Eat before drinking so that you don’t end up drinking too much. Engage yourself in conversations instead of sitting and drinking.

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