Amenities to Expect in luxury retirement communities

April 27, 2023

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Amenities to Expect in luxury retirement communities

Luxury retirement homes in India provide resort-style amenities, attractive settings, and spacious floor plans to help seniors find comfort and happiness. They offer plush, well-designed and modern interiors with fine decor and fittings. In addition, these retirement communities have well-maintained gardens, lawns, and community halls where individuals with similar interests can socialise and lead an engaging lifestyle. Positive ageing and luxury retirement homes in India Positive ageing is a key focus of luxury retirement homes. They recognise the importance of maintaining physical, mental, and emotional well-being in later years. By focusing on holistic wellness, luxury retirement homes in India provide a supportive, comfortable, and engaging environment for seniors to enjoy their golden years with peace of mind.  As one of the best luxury retirement communities in India, we share with you some of the amenities that you can expect in our retirement homes. 1. Dining facilities:  In our luxury retirement homes, we have the privilege of housing some of the best chefs in the industry who are well trained to cater to the unique dietary needs and preferences of our residents. They whip up healthy and nutritious meals for our residents. The meals are served warm and fresh every day at regular intervals. The menu is frequently changed to avoid monotony in regular meals.  The in-house dining facilities also provide a delightful setting for residents to savour diverse cuisines with others. Seniors can also order food to be delivered directly to their doorsteps. 2. Fitness and wellness centres: A regular exercise routine is important for promoting healthy ageing. Our retirement communities have gyms, indoor sports facilities, and outdoor sports arenas for seniors. Qualified trainers are available to assist them in following an active fitness regime. Also, we have trained nutritionists who provide counselling on diet and wellness to seniors. 3. Open theatre and library access: Our retirement communities offer open theatres and movie screening facilities for entertainment. Residents also have access to libraries which have cosy interiors and are furnished with fine-quality furniture. 4. Social activities: Our luxury retirement communities have open spaces and community halls where residents can enjoy an array of activities. These spaces are perfect for socialising with like-minded people. Our retirement homes often organise different workshops and community gatherings, such as fetes, picnics, and parties, where residents can enjoy a fun-filled day with many activities to choose from. These events are a great opportunity to meet new people, learn new skills, and have a good time. 5. Senior-friendly home features: Our luxury retirement communities provide modern features that enhance accessibility for seniors. These features include modern interiors with ergonomic design, elevators, buggy facilities for in-campus transportation, and handrails to help with mobility. All these features make life easier for seniors. 6. Housekeeping: Our luxury retirement communities offer housekeeping facilities to residents. There are on-site staff members to take care of daily chores such as cleaning, gardening, electrical and plumbing maintenance, and laundry.  7. Concierge services: Our retirement communities offer concierge services that assist residents with various tasks such as booking restaurant reservations, scheduling spa treatments, suggesting places to visit, and arranging transportation.  8. Preventive health care: Our senior living communities in India have formed partnerships with nearby hospitals to ensure continuous care around the clock. Comprehensive geriatric assessments and supportive care are provided, along with emergency services that include 24X7 ambulance access, on-call physicians, and established emergency protocols.   Looking for luxury retirement homes in India? Explore our luxury retirement communities in India where residents have access to a broad range of high-end amenities, endless opportunities, and a vibrant social network that encourage new adventures every day. To know more about our retirement communities, call us at +918884555554.

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Tips to Plan Your Retirement Party

March 20, 2023

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Your retirement is a significant turning point in your life. It represents the completion of years of hard work and devotion to your profession. It is natural to want to celebrate this achievement with a memorable retirement party. If you are looking for tips to plan your retirement party, here are some useful insights. Budget: To plan your retirement party, start by setting a budget. You can determine the budget of the party by taking into consideration different factors such as venue, number of guests, food and beverage choices, and decorations. Guest List: Your retirement party is incomplete without your well-wishers. Thus, you need to create a guest list that includes the colleagues you have worked with over the years. You also need to include friends and family members. Ensure that you send invitations in advance, so people have time to attend the party. Date: Choose a date that works well for you. Choosing a date in advance will help you prepare everything for the party. Venue: Choose the location for your party depending on the number of visitors, the type of cuisine being served, and the area’s accessibility. You can host the party at a restaurant, club, banquet hall, or even at your home. Theme: To add a dose of fun to your retirement party, you can host a theme-based party. Select a theme that represents your taste, personality, and interests. A party with a theme will be memorable for you as theme-based decorations, costumes, and music will create a unique atmosphere. Also, it will be cherished and remembered by everyone who attends it. Menu: The food at a party is undeniably one of the most significant attractions. People often look forward to indulging and gorging ondelicious food while socialising with others. A well-designed menu for your retirement party can help you create a memorable experience and enhance the overall mood of the event. A well-crafted menu not only includes your favourite food items but also aligns with the theme of your party. In order to prevent any health-related issues at the party, it is important to take into account any allergies your guests may have. Activities: Activities add a fun element to your party. Plan activities that will ensure full participation from your guests. For instance, you can relive all the memories with your coworkers by organising speeches. You can also present slideshows highlighting the memorable experiences of your professional career. Decoration: Decorations not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of the venue but also create a feel-good atmosphere for the event. Plan decorations to fit the theme of your retirement party. From unique floral decorations to banners, and lighting, there are plenty of innovative ways to improve the visual appeal of the event. Read More – How to host a brunch party? Tips for seniors Looking for the best luxury retirement communities in India? If you want to live in a relaxed setting with like-minded people who truly care about their neighbours, explore our senior living communities in Bangalore. Our luxury retirement homes will offer a host of services such as customised housekeeping, electrical and plumbing maintenance services, and dining services to help you live independently and worry free. The community will also have a fitness centre, an open-air swimming pool, library, games rooms, and spa. To know more about our retirement homes, call us at +918884555554 or book a virtual tour.  

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