The role of virtual tours in helping seniors and their families make more informed decisions about senior living

May 3, 2023

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The role of virtual tours in helping seniors and their families make more informed decisions about senior living

Senior living communities are using virtual tours to showcase their features and amenities to potential buyers. As a result, seniors are able to make more informed decisions regarding the environment and location of the property, leading to a more thoughtful purchase. Virtual tours provide a 3D view of the premises for those who cannot physically visit. By combining multiple panoramic images, a 360-degree view of a location is created, offering a comprehensive visual experience. These tours can be further enhanced with music, voiceovers, and animations. There are two main types of virtual tours: video tours and 360-degree panoramic views. For seniors and their families, virtual tours can be a helpful tool in several ways. As one of the leading senior living communities in India, we share with you some of the useful insights on the benefits of virtual tours.  When seniors start looking for a new home, their first step is often browsing online. However, this can be overwhelming with all the promotional messages and calls from developers. Virtual tours offer a solution to these challenges by providing detailed, comprehensive views of facilities. These interactive features let seniors get a better understanding of the layout, amenities, and overall atmosphere of a senior living community. Virtual tours can help seniors eliminate unsuitable options, which can lead to a more efficient home search process without the need for physical visits. Virtual tours help seniors and their families explore different retirement communities from the comfort of their own home. They can zoom in on details and navigate through the home from anywhere in the world, at any time. Also, the ability to view multiple locations in one place can help families narrow down their choices before visiting each facility in person.  When seniors opt for a virtual tour of a senior living home, they can view the community without the added stress of an in-person visit. They have the flexibility to take as many virtual tours as they want, from the comfort of their own homes, at any time of the day or night.  When seniors and their family members opt for virtual tours, they can ask questions and clarify important details regarding the property without being physically present.  Looking for information on the virtual tour of senior living homes in Bangalore?      Explore our luxury senior citizen homes in Bangalore. You can book a virtual tour of the senior living community to  understand the project features, amenities and services offered, and the overall atmosphere of the community. 

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Advantages of taking a virtual tour of a senior living home

February 21, 2023

Categories : Senior Living | Virtual tour of senior living home

While moving into a senior living community can be an exciting prospect, it is also a big decision that requires a lot of thought and research. One practical solution that can help you make an informed decision is taking a virtual tour of shortlisted senior living communities. Here we discuss some advantages of taking a virtual tour of a senior living home before buying an apartment: A virtual tour is convenient and saves time and effort: If you are an NRI or an Indian exploring out-of-town senior living communities, travelling to each community can be expensive and time-consuming. A virtual tour allows you to explore multiple properties from the comfort of your home, saving you the time and cost of travelling. You can make your children and other family members part of decision-making:  When making a big decision, you often consult your children, siblings, and other family members. A virtual tour allows you to include more people even if they live in different cities. You get a better understanding of the layout and amenities: A virtual tour lets you explore the layout and amenities of a senior living community. You can see the size and layout of the rooms, common areas, and outdoor spaces, as well as the features and finishes of the property. This can help you get a better understanding of whether the home meets your needs and preferences. You can see the property in real-time: Some virtual tours are live, allowing you to interact with a representative of the retirement home and ask questions as you tour the property. This can give you a more authentic experience and help you get a better sense of the home and its amenities. You will get a better understanding of the neighbourhood: A virtual tour can also give you a sense of the surrounding neighbourhood and community. You can see the location of the senior living home in relation to local amenities. This can help you determine if the location is suitable for your needs and lifestyle. You get the time to frame your questions for the actual visit: If you opt for a pre-recorded video tour, you can pause or go back to a section and write down your follow-up questions. This can make your in-person visit more productive and fruitful. If you are planning to shortlist senior living homes, here is a useful read on questions to ask when touring senior living homes in India. Read More – If you are an NRI buying property in India, take a look at the best cities to retire in Book a virtual tour of a premium senior living home in Bangalore If you are looking for a premium senior living home in Bangalore, book a virtual tour to see how your life will look with us. At our senior living homes, you will find modern amenities that will make your life convenient, comfortable, and engaging. You will get access to modern amenities such as a swimming pool, clubhouse, gym, laundry service, banquet service, fitness centre, movie theatre, dining services, concierge, spa, in-house salon, and business centre. We also have a tie-up with a world-class hospital to ensure that you will have access to quality and timely healthcare.  Call us at +91 8884555554 for more information.

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