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Living Mindfully: Transform Your Day with these Tips from a Senior Citizen Home in Chennai

May 20, 2021

Categories : Senior Living Tips

Senior Living Tips

The absence of a routine after retirement can make it hard to pay attention to the moment. It may seem that you are just whiling away hours. If you practise mindfulness, your day may seem more purpose-driven.   As one of the best senior citizen homes in Chennai, we share with you a few useful tips on mindfulness that can transform your day and give you a fresh perspective on your daily routine: Practise conscious breathing: One of the easiest ways to incorporate mindfulness into your daily routine is to spend 2 to 3 minutes every day practising deep breathing. Deep breathing helps you calm down and disengage yourself from negative and distracting thoughts. Also, conscious breathing keeps your energy levels high, helps you combat stress and improves mental focus and  clarity. Plan daily digital detox: Do not use your phone for the first two hours of your day. When your phone is the first thing you pick up in the morning, you drag yourself into the world of too many distractions and information. Start your day by focussing on yourself and the same goes for how you end your day. Stop using your phone two hours before you hit the bed. These simple tricks can help you live in the moment. Create the day you want: Sit quietly and plan your day ahead. Preparing yourself for the day ahead offers a host of benefits including a sense of calm and the ability to cope with challenges with positive energy and vigour. Use your senses to live more mindfully: When stepping outside the house, don’t rush. Instead, take a few seconds to focus on what you can see, hear, smell or touch. Watch the birds, say hello to your neighbours or smell the rain. Engage in random acts of kindness: By giving others without any expectation of return, you feel good from inside.  Be it holding the door open for a stranger or leaving a big tip – every small interaction with someone is an opportunity to create positive memories. 

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How to Find The Best Senior Citizen Homes in Chennai?

February 6, 2021

Categories : Retirement Planning Tips

How to Find The Best Senior Citizen Homes in Chennai?

From needing assistance with daily chores to staying in a gated community amidst people of the same age, there are many reasons why active seniors consider moving to a senior citizen home. If you are looking for a senior citizen home in Chennai where staying active and connected with other residents is the key to loving life, check our communities – Serene Pushkar and Serene Adinath As one the leading senior citizen homes in Chennai we share with you tips to find the best retirement home: Your needs and age: When it comes to narrow down on a senior citizen home in Chennai, it’s important to bear in mind your specific needs and age. If you want to lead an independent and active lifestyle, look for senior citizen homes where they offer a worry-free lifestyle. When you move to senior citizen homes in Chennai such as ours, you no longer have to worry about getting leaky faucets repaired or getting the house cleaned. Our dedicated housekeeping maintenance team takes care of daily cleaning, upkeep of common areas and electrical breakdown. Personal and social reasons: People want to move to a senior citizen home for different social and personal reasons. While many want to enjoy life without having to worry about doing household chores, others look forward to a place where they can meet people of their own age and form meaningful connections. Residents in our senior homes in Chennai can choose from an extensive menu of stimulating events and activities. Routine activities like music lessons and group yoga give a sense of continuity. There are workshops and lectures that help them learn something new and exciting. Living options: Most senior citizen homes in Chennai offer villas or units that consist of one, two and three bedroom options. There are large communal outdoor spaces. The common areas are designed to be senior-friendly. No compromise on lifestyle: There are many senior citizen homes in Chennai that are designed to help elders enjoy a physically and socially active lifestyle. From group yoga classes to workshops, living in a retirement community helps people stay connected and live an active lifestyle. At our senior citizen homes in Chennai, residents can enjoy a care-free lifestyle while our staff tends to housekeeping, laundry, meals and other services. Our senior living communities have clubhouse, fitness centres with fully equipped gyms, and community hall for private gatherings. We have a full range of amenities to make your living experience comfortable and enjoyable. To schedule a tour, call us on +91 8884555554. Read More – In Chennai and Looking for Homes for Senior Citizens? Read These Useful Tips How Retirement Homes in Chennai are Turning Aging into a Happy Experience

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