Podcasts on entertainment for seniors: list by one of the leading senior citizen homes in India

March 17, 2022

Categories : Senior Living Tips

Podcasts on entertainment for seniors - Columbia Pacific

Today, seniors are embracing new forms of entertainment. From watching movies on streaming sites and playing games on tablets to attending virtual concerts in different cities – media consumption habits are changing rapidly for seniors. One channel that has gained immense popularity amongst seniors are podcasts – they are streamable and downloadable audio entertainment. They are easy for on-the-go listening like a radio. However, unlike a radio, these audio programs are delivered through the internet and can be accessed on computers, smartphones, tablets, and other digital devices. Given the growing popularity of podcasts, it is not surprising to know that India is the third largest consumer of podcasts.   As one of the leading senior citizen homes in India, we have curated a list of engaging and interesting podcasts. Check this list:    Armchair Expert With Dax Shepherd: If you are looking for something lighthearted and yet thoughtful, Armchair Expert With Dax Shepherd is the perfect podcast for you. The host interviews celebrities on his show. The interviews usually revolve around the “messiness of being human” and the struggles that help define a celebrity’s life. Stuff You Should Know: If you are looking for humour, knowledge, and short content, you will find ‘Stuff you should know’ interesting and engaging. The hosts talk about everything under the sun – from the history of traffic signals to how the Nobel Prize works. They also have ‘Short Stuff’ – where each episode is of 10 minutes to 15 minutes.  The Daily Quote: If you love to start your day on a positive note, this podcast will put you in a good mood. There are 2 to 3 minutes of positive quotes and thoughts. They are great to give your mornings a positive beginning or to find a sense of calm when things are not going well.  Tech Tutor for Seniors: Do you wish to stay in touch with your family and friends through video calls and social media but struggle with technology? Well, Tech Tutor for Seniors will help you navigate the ever- changing technology landscape. From using smartphones and fitness bands to understanding video chatting – the podcast will help you understand technology and how to use it the right way. Tech Tutor for Seniors is hosted by a senior who wishes to defy the stereotypes surrounding baby boomers and technology.   Looking for senior citizen retirement homes that promote positive ageing?    At our premium retirement homes in India, we truly believe that age is just a number. Our senior citizen homes are designed in a way that encourages our seniors to stay active physically and socially. All our senior citizen homes in India have age-appropriate gyms and dedicated jogging and walking paths. There are daily yoga and aerobic sessions and walking groups. The monthly calendar is full of activities and events that give plenty of opportunities to our seniors to get to know each other and socialise. To know more about our retirement homes, call us at  +91 8884555554.

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Retirement Planning 6 tips For A Successful Retirement

December 9, 2020

Categories : Retirement Planning Tips

Retirement is a time when you deserve to sit back and relax. But while it is okay to slow down a bit, people these days want to lead an active life. Many people don’t like the word ‘retirement’. They believe it is a transitional phase where they switch from work to other pursuits. Just like any other phase of life, a little bit of preparation can help you enjoy your retirement years to the fullest.     Here are 6 tips to enjoy a successful and rewarding retirement:     Plan for longevity: Healthy lifestyle and medical advancement have helped people live longer than previous generations. You need to ensure that you are financially prepared for a longer retirement. Focus on your health and well-being. The healthier you are, the happier your retirement years will be. Communicate with your spouse: Transition to retirement can be a bumpy ride for couples with each having different expectations. You need to communicate with each other as a team and figure out what works best for you and your spouse. Find your purpose:  For a lot of people their professional life becomes their identity and purpose. Once retirement starts, one needs to look for a strong sense of purpose. Volunteering at a local charity or giving time to your hobbies or getting involved with local groups can help you find a sense of belonging and purpose.   Retirement spending needs: There are many who mistakenly think that once you have retired, there won’t be many expenses. Rather it is the other way around. With more time in hand, you will have more opportunities to spend. Travel and entertainment is something you would not want to miss after working hard for so many years. So while planning your retirement do keep leisure in mind. Make a list of things you would like to do: To make the most out of your retirement years, make a list of all the things you’ve always wanted to do but didn’t have time for, before. It can be learning a new language, travelling, gardening, photography or hiking. Having a list in hand will help you plan your retirement years in a structured manner. Where do you wish to live post-retirement: For a  lot of retirees, moving into senior citizen retirement homes seems like a brilliant idea. This opens up a lot of free time as these communities are built for the convenience of retirees. There is no more cooking, housework or any other chores. At our independent senior living communities,  laundry service, concierge, multiple dining facilities and trained in-house 24/7 staff for breakdown or maintenance are available, leaving our residents to enjoy their golden years in comfort.  With careful planning, you can make the most out of your golden years!

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How today’s Senior Citizen Retirement Homes in India are Meeting the Changing Needs of Seniors?

September 23, 2020

Categories : Community Living Tips | Retirement Planning Tips

retirement homes in india

Active retirees in India are looking for alternatives to conventional retirement homes. For them, retirement means a new opportunity to explore the unexplored. Instead of relaxing in front of the TV, they want to try new hobbies, start a new career or travel to adventurous locations. To meet their needs, modern retirement homes like ours are redefining the concept of senior living. Our senior citizen retirement homes offer an upbeat lifestyle to our residents that enriches their mind, body and spirit. Our residents love the daily camaraderie with neighbours and team members, enjoy the serene ambience and look forward to participating in wellness opportunities that are specifically designed keeping their needs in mind. Our emergency care with 24/7 ambulance service, doctor-on-call and trained in-house 24/7 staff available for breakdown or maintenance – give our residents peace of mind. New-age senior citizen retirement homes in India like ours are helping active retirees focus on enjoying their independent retirement life in a safe and secure environment. Let’s look at some more amenities and services designed to cater to the changing needs of today’s seniors – ● Safe and secure housing: Our senior citizen homes are aesthetically pleasing and senior-friendly. All the safety features like panic button and handrails are installed at the right places. We have the latest security systems, CCTV cameras and firefighting equipment installed in our premises. ● Activities: Our activity calendar is designed to help our residents enjoy an engaging lifestyle. Movie screenings, music concerts, lectures and workshops are some events that are hosted regularly. ● Healthcare: Nutritious food, wellness programs and daily exercise plans help our residents stay healthy and fit. Vital parameters of residents are monitored periodically. Medical records of residents are kept up to date. Our partnership with nearby hospitals ensures our residents get round-the-clock medical care. Health screening of the team is also done as a precautionary measure.

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