Why should seniors volunteer?

April 1, 2023

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Seniors can derive a great sense of satisfaction from volunteering. It not only helps seniors give back to society, but also helps seniors develop new skills and socialise with like-minded people from diverse backgrounds. As one of leading senior homes in Bangalore, we share some of the useful insights on the importance of volunteering for seniors. Seniors can stay active and engaged: Volunteering is a wonderful way for seniors to improve both their physical and mental abilities. Through volunteering, seniors can stay physically active and improve their creativity and problem-solving skills. Here are a few insights on how volunteering can help seniors stay physically and mentally active:   Mobility: When volunteering, seniors have to stay physically active and do jobs such as organising camps, workshops, and charity events. Participating in these activities can encourage seniors to stay mobile and active. Socialisation: When seniors participate in volunteering activities, they improve their socialising skills. They interact with different people and in the process make new friends. Happiness: Volunteering reduces stress and depression and makes seniors feel happy and content about their work. Seniors can discover a sense of purpose and meaning: Volunteering is a rewarding experience for seniors as it helps them give back to their communities and feel a sense of satisfaction from making a difference in the lives of others. Seniors can work for organisations that help homeless people. They can also work for shelter homes for children and women. Seniors can also support large scale causes and movements, such as environmental conservation, human rights, and animal welfare. Sense of belongingness: When seniors work with other like-minded people, they develop a sense of community and shared purpose, which can improve their overall well-being. Seniors can learn new skills: Seniors can learn new and valuable skills through their volunteering work. Also, they can hone their existing skills. Here are some of the skills that seniors can develop when they actively volunteer: On-the-job training: Some volunteering opportunities require on-the-job training. It offers hands-on experience in a specific field. Leadership and teamwork skills: Most volunteering work involves resource mobilisation which requires impeccable leadership skills. Communication skills: Volunteering requires good communication skills. Seniors can significantly improve their communication skills by interacting with people from diverse backgrounds. Problem-solving skills: Volunteering involves finding solutions to different problems and challenges. This can help seniors hone their problem-solving skills. Technical skills: Seniors can learn using new software, tools, and equipment. Project management skills: Seniors can improve their management skills such as planning, budgeting, and time management. Read More – Online Volunteering Opportunities for Seniors: List Curated by a Leading Retirement Home in India Are you an NRI buying property in India? Are you looking for senior homes in Bangalore?  Explore our NRI buying property in India . We offer a wide range of high-end facilities and amenities to ensure that you enjoy your retirement life with convenience, comfort, and peace of mind. To know more about our retirement homes, call us at +918884555554 or book a virtual tour.

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What is a whole-person approach towards wellness and how leading senior homes in Bangalore are adopting it?

March 1, 2023

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Often when you think about wellness, the first thing that comes to mind is physical wellness. However, wellness is multi-dimensional. A whole-person approach towards wellness promotes not just physical well-being but also emotional, social, and intellectual wellness. This approach focuses on finding balance in various aspects of life. Many leading senior homes in Bangalore like ours understand the importance of a whole-person approach and make it the cornerstone of services and amenities offered. Here are some ways senior homes in Bangalore are adopting a whole-person approach towards wellness to improve the quality of life of seniors: Physical wellness: Physical wellness is an important aspect of whole-person wellness, especially as you age. It does not mean achieving a particular waist size or reaching a particular weight. Physical wellness refers to listening to your body and giving it what it needs to stay healthy and fit. Many senior homes in Bangalore have senior-friendly fitness centres and gym facilities, making it easy and safe for you to use them. They also offer a wide range of physical activities and classes that are tailored to your needs. Many senior homes in Bangalore are quite proactive about preventive healthcare. Wellness workshops and awareness lectures are arranged from time to time. Emotional wellness: As you age, emotional well-being becomes an important aspect of your overall quality of life. This is why many senior homes in Bangalore offer you a warm and welcoming space, where you get an opportunity to meet like-minded community members. When you live in retirement homes in Bangalore, you do not have to worry about daily chores such as cooking daily meals, laundry, housekeeping, and house maintenance. You can spend your free time pursuing a new hobby, exploring new places, or volunteering and enjoy a sense of fulfilment. Social wellness: Social wellness is an important aspect of whole-person wellness as it refers to the quality of your relationships with others. When you develop a sense of belonging and community, you feel connected to others. Senior homes in Bangalore promote socialisation by providing recreational spaces such as clubhouse, dining halls, and games rooms where you can meet fellow residents. They also organise social events and activities, such as movie nights, game nights, exercise classes, and trips to local attractions, making it easier for you to meet fellow residents and make new friends. There are also book clubs, gardening clubs, and walking clubs to help you meet new people with similar interests. Intellectual wellness: As you age, it becomes all the more important for you to keep your mind active. Intellectual wellness means engaging yourself in activities that stimulate your thoughts and expand your knowledge. At senior homes in Bangalore, you will find many intellectually stimulating activities.  At indoor games rooms, you can play chess, mahjong, or bridge and have friendly matches with fellow residents. Also, there are several art and craft activities to foster creativity and new ideas.  Read More – Spiritual wellness for seniors: check these insights by one of the leading retirement communities in Bangalore Explore our retirement homes in Bangalore We understand the importance of whole-person wellness and our retirement homes are designed to help you achieve that. Our premium retirement homes in Bangalore will have spacious apartments. To support a healthy and active living, there will be fitness centres, a swimming pool, spa, and salon.  There will be various dining options such as restaurants, bistros, and snack bars offering healthy food. To know more about our retirement home in Bangalore,  call us at +918884555554 or book a virtual tour.

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