New Year’s resolutions for stronger and healthy bones: useful insights by one of the leading senior retirement home service providers in Chennai

March 3, 2022

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Healthcare tips for seniors

Two months into the New Year, many of you may have resolved to take steps to improve your health. This year, you may want to focus on bone and joint health problems as it is one of the most prevalent health challenges that seniors face. As one of the leading service providers to senior retirement homes in Chennai, we share with you a few tips on achieving stronger and healthy bones:    Warm up before exercise: A good warmup exercise prepares your body for more intense activity by increasing your blood flow and raising muscle temperature. Whether you do aerobics or workout in the gym, always make sure to spend some time doing stretching exercises that will warm up the body. Moreover, warm up exercises also reduce muscle soreness and the risk of injury.  Get vitamin D levels checked: Vitamin D is a nutrient that is essential for healthy bones. Without vitamin D, the body cannot effectively absorb calcium. A simple blood test can reveal your vitamin D level. You can consult a doctor if you need any vitamin D supplements.  Be proactive about your health: By taking an active part in your own healthcare, you can make informed decisions. Go for regular medical health checkups. When you visit a doctor, do not hesitate to ask questions.  Stay off ladders: Bone fracture is one of the most common causes of immobility during old age. You should avoid climbing ladders and onto step stools. In case you do have to climb a ladder, inspect it first. Make sure that there are no loose rungs. Ladders should be placed on an even surface. One must never stand on the top rung of a ladder. Always grip the handrails of the ladder with both hands while climbing. Make sure that your house is senior-friendly: Most fatal and non-fatal injuries among seniors take place due to falls, trips, and slips. Safety modifications at home, especially in the bathroom where most falls occur, can significantly reduce the risk of falls and related injuries. Place anti-slip rugs or mats in the bathrooms. Get handrails installed near the shower and toilet seat. Also, make sure that the stairways and entryways are well-lit.    Looking for senior-friendly homes and apartments? Explore our senior retirement homes in Chennai   Our senior retirement homes in Chennai offer a wonderful retirement life experience. Well-designed apartments, emergency call systems, delicious meals, well equipped gym, jogging tracks with anti-slip tiles, and a full calendar of events are a few of the facilities  you will enjoy at our senior retirement homes in Chennai. To know more, call us at +91 8884555554.

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How Can Seniors Lower Their Blood Pressure?

November 3, 2021

Categories : Senior Health Tips

Tips for seniors on maintaining healthy cholesterol levels

High blood pressure is one of the most common health conditions among seniors. Poorly controlled blood pressure can cause heart disease, kidney disease, and vision problems.  As one of the leading senior citizen homes in Chennai, we have curated ways to help seniors control their blood pressure:    1. Stay physically active: Light to moderate physical activities such as brisk walking, aerobics, yoga, and swimming can help seniors to have control over their blood pressure. Our senior citizen homes in Chennai have fully equipped gyms, jogging paths, and activity centres to help our residents lead a physically active lifestyle.  2. Reduce your daily salt intake: Over time, excessive salt intake can lead to hypertension. According to WHO, adults should consume less than 5 g of salt per day. Seniors should avoid processed foods and limit their intake of salty snacks. Also, they should avoid keeping a saltshaker on the table. When buying canned food items, seniors should buy items with ‘no-added salt’ labels. Also, adding more fresh fruits and vegetables to daily meals can reduce their sodium intake.    At our senior retirement homes in Chennai, meals are prepared in accordance with the nutritional needs of residents. Prepared by expert chefs, the meals are delicious and cater to senior nutritional needs.   3. Get enough sleep: Getting less than six hours of sleep is known to be bad for health. It has been found that sleep deprivation and heart disease are closely linked. Here are some tips to get quality sleep:  Reduce blue light exposure in the evening Do not consume caffeine late in the day Try to sleep and wake up at the same time  Do not eat late in the evening Do not have heavy meals in the evening   Looking for senior citizen retirement homes in Chennai?   Check our senior retirement homes in Chennai where everything is designed keeping in mind your physical health and emotional well-being. From 24/7 security services and concierge services to in-house 24/7 staff available for breakdown or maintenance, we offer a wide range of senior-friendly amenities and facilities. To know more about our senior retirement homes, call us at +91 8884555554.

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