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Cycling safety tips for seniors: useful insights by one of the leading retirement communities in India

October 8, 2022


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If you are a senior, cycling is a great way to exercise and explore your neighbourhood or nature. Cycling can be done solo or as a group with friends, family, and other cyclists.  If you are new to cycling, you need to follow some safety precautions to prevent injury and enjoy a safe ride. As one of the leading retirement communities in India, we share some useful cycling safety tips for you:

Tip 1: Wear a helmet:

According to a study, wearing a helmet can significantly reduce the odds of sustaining a head injury such as intracranial injury, subdural haematoma, and skull fractures. As helmets are designed to absorb the impact of a fall or collision, it is important to always wear a helmet, whether the distance you are planning to cover is short or long.

Tip 2: Wear proper attire:

When you are cycling, wear appropriate clothing. Wear shoes with proper grip so that your feet do not  slip off the pedals. In addition, wearing gloves will protect your hands in the event of a fall. Also, ensure  that your clothing covers the limbs as it can lessen the severity of injury if you do happen to fall off the bike.

Note: Avoid wearing full-length loose pants as they may get caught in the gears of your bike.

Tips 3: Wear bright-coloured clothes: 

Wearing bright colours or reflective clothing can help you to be seen by others, reducing the risk of being involved in an accident.

Tip 4: Buddy up:

As you get older, your balance may become shakier, vision may weaken, and reaction time may decrease. These factors can increase the risk of an accident. Hence, to stay safe while cycling, do not go for solo rides. Always ride with someone else. In the event of an accident, they will be able to provide assistance or seek help, if needed. If you are unable to find someone to cycle with, consider joining a local cycling group.

Tip 5: Choose routes carefully:

Biking is a great way to get some exercise, but it is important to be aware of the potential dangers. One of the best ways to stay safe while biking is to choose routes with flat surfaces and avoid steep slopes. Another good tip is to bike in city parks. This will help you avoid traffic. Also, the park roads are usually closed to motor traffic at certain times of the day.

Tip 6: Ride the right bike:

The type of bike you ride should be chosen according to the terrain on which you will be riding. For example, a speed bike is not ideal for the mountains. Also, when choosing the bike, consider your own height and comfort level.

Tip 7: Protect your back:

If you suffer from back pain, here are a few steps you can take to increase back support while riding your bike:

  • Getting a seat with extra padding will take pressure off of your lower back and tailbone
  • You can wear sports back braces for those long bike rides
  • Get your bike fitted professionally for you. This will ensure that you are sitting in the correct position and that all the parts on the bike are adjusted correctly for your body type.

Tip 8: Obey traffic rules:

You can avoid potential problems by following the traffic laws. This includes:

  • Coming to a complete stop at stop signs and red lights
  • Riding on the correct side of the road
  • Properly signalling turns

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