Foods that can boost your mood

Foods that can boost your mood: useful insights by one of the best senior living communities in Kanchipuram

June 10, 2022


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It is common to seek comfort in food items such as desserts and fried snacks. But do you really think sugar-laden, fatty foods will lift your spirits? If you think so, here is a useful read for you. It has been found that eating junk food can worsen a person’s mood. On the other hand, eating healthy food is not just good for your waistline, but also for your mood. According to a study, healthy eating patterns, that include certain foods, are associated with better mental health.  As one of the leading senior living communities in Kanchipuram, we share with you a list of foods that can boost your mood: 



  • Nuts and seeds: High in plant-based proteins, healthy fats, and fibre, nuts and seeds are not just crunchy, filling, and nutritious, but also serve as excellent mood boosters. Almonds, peanuts, and walnuts, as well as pumpkin, sesame, and sunflower seeds, are excellent sources of amino acids which are responsible for producing serotonin, a mood-boosting hormone. When you are feeling hunger pangs in the evening, grab a handful of nuts and seeds instead of having unhealthy snacks. 


Note: Nuts and seeds are high in calories and must be eaten in moderation. 


  • Whole grains: When you eat bread, pizza, and fried snacks such as samosas and kachoris, not only are you consuming copious amounts of oil but also refined flour. According to a study, foods that are high in refined carbs have a negative impact on your mood.
  • Fresh fruits: The more fruits you eat, the lower your risk of depression. According to a study,  intake of fruits and vegetables is associated with reduced risk of depression. A bowl of fruits makes for a great breakfast or evening snack.
  • Dark chocolate: Chocolate is rich in many mood-boosting compounds. Dark chocolate with high concentrations of cocoa can have positive effects on your mood. It has been found that cocoa helps improve mood and mental fatigue, cognitive performance, and cardiovascular functioning in healthy adults. 


Note: Dark chocolate that has 70% cocoa is good for health. Milk chocolate that contains added ingredients such as sugar and fat is bad for physical and mental health.  


  • Fermented foods: Fermented foods such as kimchi, yoghurt, kefir, and kombucha may improve gut health and mood. Fermentation allows live bacteria to thrive in foods. During this process, probiotics are created. According to a study, these live microorganisms can help increase serotonin levels and thus improve mood. 


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