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5 Myths Around Senior Nutrition Curated by a Senior Living Home in Bangalore

August 9, 2021


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For seniors, embracing healthy eating habits is important to maintain a healthy body weight, get adequate nutrients, and reduce the risk of chronic diseases. However, there are many myths surrounding senior nutrition that can turn them towards poor food choices. 

Here we debunk some myths about senior nutrition: 

Myth 1: Losing appetite is a natural part of ageing

While it is true that metabolism decreases as people age, a complete loss of appetite is anything but normal. Many seniors struggle during mealtimes or simply refuse to eat because they do not feel like eating at all. Sometimes, eating may look less appealing due to several reasons such as natural reduction in the sense of taste, dental problems, trouble chewing or swallowing, or having a dry mouth as a side effect from the medication. Loss of appetite should not be taken as part of normal ageing and a doctor should be consulted to address the issue. 

Myth 2: It is better to be a little overweight than underweight

Maintaining an ideal weight is essential for good health at any age. But many seniors believe that carrying a few extra pounds is better than being underweight. In reality, both situations pose a potential danger. While being underweight increases the risk of chronic infections, excess body weight can increase the risk for conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular diseases.

Myth 3: It is okay for seniors to skip meals as they have a slow metabolism

Regularly skipping meals deprives the body of getting the right amount of nutrients. It adversely impacts the body’s ability to maintain blood sugar levels. It further decreases the metabolism and one’s overall sense of appetite. Seniors should have small but frequent meals to rev up their metabolism. 

Myth 4: As long as seniors are eating, it is impossible to be malnourished

For a healthy body, mere eating is not enough. If the meals are not nutritious, the food becomes a source of ill-health. For example, eating a diet high in sodium and low in essential nutrients is not good for anyone. Seniors need vitamins, minerals, calcium, and fibre to maintain healthy digestion. Seniors who live alone often choose easy meals which are processed or canned – these food items are high in sodium and sugar. Though they are eating, they are not eating right. 

 Myth 5: Senior living communities provide bland food

There is a common misconception that food at senior living homes is bland and unhealthy. At our retirement homes in India, we have a dedicated team to manage food and beverages who ensure that our residents get fresh, nutritious, and delicious meals. Our experienced chefs work with dietitians to make sure that the food we provide is delicious and meets the nutritional requirement of seniors.

Senior Living in Bangalore: Healthy and Delicious Meals

At our senior living homes in Bangalore, the health of our residents is our priority. It is for this reason we have a team of nutritionists who work on the menu to ensure that the nutritional needs of residents are met. Call us at +91 8884555554 to know more.


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