Living in retirement communities for defence personnel? Here are some hobbies you can pursue

February 24, 2023


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After leaving the structured environment of a defence career, you may find yourself with a void. However, living in retirement communities for defence personnel can offer you many opportunities to lead a physically active and socially engaging life. You will find plenty of time to seek out hobbies that align with your lifestyle.

Here are some hobbies that you can pursue to enrich your life:

Travelling: Travelling can be a way for you to see new places. As a defence personnel, you must have spent significant portions of your careers stationed at different locations around the country. However, travelling for leisure gives you the time to experience different cultures and ways of life, which can be enriching and educational.

Team sports: Team sports such as basketball, soccer, and football can be a good hobby for you. They can provide a sense of community and camaraderie, which can be especially important for those of you who may be experiencing a sense of isolation after retiring. Participating in a team sport can help you feel connected to others. Moreover, team sports offer physical and mental benefits. The movement required in these sports can help you maintain your fitness level while having fun. Additionally, the mental challenges involved in team sports can be a good cognitive exercise.

Gardening: Gardening not only gets you moving but also reduces stress. According to a study, gardening offers therapeutic benefits and provides support for promoting positive ageing. Also, community gardening can be a great way for you to connect with others.

Learn a new language: Learning a new language can be fun after retirement. It can be a challenging and rewarding intellectual pursuit. You will also get the opportunity to expand your cultural horizons and learn about different cultures and ways of life.

Engage in creative pursuits: You may also find enjoyment in creative pursuits such as painting, drawing, and pottery. These activities can provide you with an outlet for self-expression.

Join a cooking class: If you love cooking, joining a cooking class after retirement can be a great way for you to continue learning and trying new things. It can also be a great way to socialise and meet new people who share similar interests. You can also join a class that prioritises healthy cooking.

How to choose a hobby?

The key to finding fulfilling hobbies after retirement is to pursue activities that align with your interests.  A good way to pick a hobby and stick with it is to start small and gradually increase your involvement as you become more comfortable and skilled. It is ideal to join a club or class. This can provide support, accountability, and social interaction. By finding hobbies that provide a sense of purpose and enjoyment, you can make the most of your post-service life.

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