Looking for a retirement home for defence personnel? Here are some tips to remain disciplined after retiring

February 25, 2023


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Discipline helps you lead a happier and more fulfilling life as you choose behaviours and activities that align with your goals. However, when you retire, it can be easy to get caught up in life and get sidetracked. Daily routines in retirement homes for defence personnel provide you with a sense of structure and routine, while also ensuring that  you remain safe and healthy. If you are looking for a retirement home for defence personnel, here are some tips to remain disciplined after retiring:

Set realistic goals for yourself: To remain disciplined, it is important to have a clear vision of what you hope to accomplish. This will give you a direction and purpose in life and a sense of accomplishment as you work towards achieving them. Your goals could be:

  • Taking up a new hobby or activity
  • Spending more time with friends and family
  • Exploring new places
  • Continuing your education or learning new skills
  • Staying engaged and involved in your community
  • Pursuing a new career or business venture

Once you have identified your goals, create a plan to achieve them.

Create a daily routine: Establishing a daily routine can help you stay disciplined and organised. For instance, in retirement homes, there are several group activities such as yoga classes, aerobics, and art lessons. Consider joining these activities so that you step out of your apartment with a purpose in mind. You could also set specific times for exercise, work, leisure activities, and self-care.

Stick to your daily routine: Remember, discipline is a learned behaviour. And just like any other skill you want to master, it requires daily practice. To make your new routine a habit, put it on your calendar or your to-do list.

Note: Successful habit building relies on frequently repeating a behaviour. However, if your routine is too gruelling, you are less likely to follow it. In the initial stages, create a daily routine which allows some flexibility. Eventually, arrive at a routine that works for you.

Stay organised: Staying organised can help you stay on track when it comes to following your desired daily routine. Consider using tools such as calendars, to-do lists, and note-taking apps to stay organised.

Break your limiting thoughts: Limiting thoughts are negative beliefs that can hold you back and prevent you from reaching your full potential. If you find yourself thinking “I am too old for that” or “I will never be able to do that,” it is time to replace these thoughts with optimistic ones. Saying positive affirmations out loud is a great way to make your day positive. Here is a useful read on making positive affirmations work for you.

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Seek support: It is natural to feel a sense of isolation when you retire from the defence force, as you are leaving behind a community of colleagues and friends. Seeking support from friends, family, or even life coaches can be helpful as you adjust to this transition.

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