How to recognise the signs of stress: useful insights for seniors curated by one of the premium retirement homes for NRIs

November 10, 2022


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As you age, it becomes increasingly important to manage your stress levels. This is because stress can have a negative impact on your overall well-being. Chronic stress has been linked with a wide range of health problems, such as gastrointestinal issues, sleep disorders, headaches and migraines, heart problems, such as a racing heart, high blood pressure, and depression. As one of the premium retirement homes for NRIs, we share with you some useful insights on stress and how to recognise signs of stress:

Signs of stress:

Changes in your eating pattern: It is no secret that your eating habits can have a profound effect on your weight. Whether you are overeating or undereating, the result is often an unwanted change in your waistline. Sometimes, changes in eating habits can be traced to psychological factors such as stress or anxiety. When you are under pressure, you may turn to food for comfort, leading to overeating and weight gain. Alternatively, you may lose your appetite due to the mental turmoil you are experiencing. Either way, the result is often an unhealthy change in your weight.

Physical pain: When you are under stress, hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol are released. This can cause an increase in blood pressure, heart rate, and respiration as well as a decrease in your digestive function. All these changes can lead to physical pain, such as intestinal or bowel issues, headaches or migraines, and muscle aches.

Changes in sleep pattern: Stress can cause muscle tension that makes it difficult to relax and fall asleep. Additionally, stress can lead to psychological issues such as anxiety and depression that can also impact sleep. If you are struggling to get good sleep, it may be a sign that your body is under stress.

Frequent sickness: Chronic stress can weaken your immune system, making you more susceptible to illnesses. If you are constantly worrying about something in your life or caring for a loved one with a chronic illness, it is important to find ways to manage your stress. Exercise, meditation, and spending time in nature are all great ways to reduce stress levels and improve your overall health.

Excessive sweating: When your body experiences extreme stress, the body’s temperature rises and as a result sweat glands start working to cool your body down.

Heart palpitations: If your heart rate is above 100 bpm without any physical exertion, it is likely that your body is under some level of stress. Usually, the resting heart rate of 60 to 80 beats per minute (BPM) is considered to be in the normal range.

How to handle stress?

Here we discuss some useful tips to cope with stress:

  • Setting realistic goals and expectations
  • Maintaining a healthy diet
  • Meditating
  • Doing yoga
  • Exercising regularly
  • Journaling, reading, listening to music, or doing activities that you love
  • Getting enough sleep
  • Avoiding excessive alcohol
  • Connecting with like-minded people
  • Taking a vacation
  • Bonding with your pet
  • Practising deep breathing
  • Joining a walking group
  • Connecting with old colleagues and family members
  • Joining a local library
  • Volunteering at a local charity

Note: Stress is one of the key contributing factors to depression. If you are struggling with depression, know that you are not alone and that there is help available. Do not hesitate to reach out to your doctor.

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