What is learned hopefulness and how you can embrace it: Useful insights by one of the leading senior living homes in Chennai

December 20, 2022

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There comes a time in life when the world around you may seem to be falling apart. In such a scenario, learning to stay positive and hopeful can help you move forward and look at the challenging situations from a new perspective. The benefits of staying positive and hopeful Having a positive attitude in life is not just good for your mental health but also physical health.  According to a study, those with a family history of heart disease and many other high-risk factors were less likely to have a heart attack if they were positive thinkers. If you want to be positive in life, learned hopefulness is the key. As one of the leading senior living homes in Chennai,  we share with you some useful insights on learned hopefulness: What is learned hopefulness? Learned hopefulness is a concept that refers to the ability to learn from past experiences and use that knowledge to remain hopeful for the future. It allows you to keep going even when you face setbacks.   1.Shift your expectations:  Shifting your expectations does not mean lowering your standards. It means assessing the ground realities and working with what you have right now. In other words, establish expectations which are appropriate for the situation and not what you would have liked to have in an idealistic scenario. Focusing on what can be done in the future rather than on what happened in the past creates a sense of hopefulness.   2. Identify negative thoughts: Often your automatic response to a bad situation is negative thinking. You may think negatively even without noticing it. The moment you feel frustrated or annoyed, start identifying the thoughts that are coming to your mind. Swap negative thoughts with positive ones. Although that sounds easier said than done, you can try reframing your thoughts. When you find yourself thinking negatively, pause for a few minutes. Taking a pause will help you give a thoughtful response to the situation rather than a reflexive reaction.   3. Establish new habits: You can learn to be hopeful by taking away the attention from negative thoughts. A great way to do this is to establish new and healthy habits. When you direct your attention to something else there will be no negative thoughts to overcome. Creating healthy habits such as practising yoga, taking your pet for a walk, and attending music or dance classes can take your mind off the things that are bothering you.   4. Listen to another person’s story: When you are feeling down, listening to family members or friends can be helpful. You can ask them to tell you a story about a meaningful time in their life. Pay attention to the story and look for things that helped them overcome the situation.  You can even try reading inspirational books. Here is a list of some inspirational books  that may help you feel more optimistic.   5. Use positive affirmations:  When you wake up, start your day on a positive note. A simple way to do that is to write daily positive affirmations and feel gratitude. Your daily affirmations could read like: “I love myself as I am”, “I treat myself with compassion”, or “I am open to inspired thoughts”. You can even keep positive affirmations at a place where you can see them. Are you looking for senior living homes in Chennai? If you are looking for phrases such as ‘new senior living homes near me’ or retirement homes in Chennai’ online, explore Serene Adinath and Serene Pushkar by Columbia Pacific. When you move into our senior living community, you will live independently in a lovely apartment, yet surrounded by neighbours who share your interests and zest for life. Our communities offer full support to make your retirement as convenient as possible. Housekeeping, maintenance, laundry, and daily meals are some of the standard services. Also, our senior living homes offer a lifestyle rich with opportunities to enjoy life to its fullest. You can choose among a variety of engaging activities. To know more, call us at  +918884555554.      

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Things to look forward to in later years of life: useful insights by one of the leading senior living homes in Chennai

November 17, 2022

Categories : Senior Living Tips

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Cultures across the world often glorify youthfulness and ageing is seen in a negative light. But not many realise that getting older has its own perks. As one of the leading senior living homes in Chennai, we share with you a list of things to look forward to in the later years of life. Not sweating over small things: With age comes a lifetime of experiences and wisdom. Reflecting back on what life has taught you makes you see things differently. When your priorities are clear, you use your time, energy, and effort effectively. When you are more comfortable in your skin, you are less likely to ponder over or stress over things that are not so important. Better decision making: Getting older also allows you to confidently make decisions. It may be because you have made similar decisions in the past, so now you have a more confident approach towards life and the challenges it may present. Finding new passions:  Amid professional deadlines and getting children settled, passions such as starting a garden, writing a book, or learning to play an instrument take a backseat. Retirement is the perfect time to discover new hobbies and passions. Note: It has been found that taking part in recreational activities is good for both physical and mental well-being. Hobbies not only reduce stress levels but can also boost your self-confidence. Spending time with family: Being able to spend time with family is one of the best parts of ageing and retirement. If you live close by, spend time with your children and grandchildren or plan family get togethers and create memories you will never forget. If you live in a different city, plan holidays so that you can have a good time with your family while exploring a new place. Exploring new places: With no professional commitments, you can take longer vacations and experience the excitement of living in another place for a while. You can even embark on volunteer trips – you will enjoy a wonderful vacation while making a positive impact on the community you visit. There are many organisations that have extensive programmes for senior volunteers. Looking for senior living homes in Chennai that support an amazing life after retirement? If you live in Chennai and you are searching online with phrases such as ‘new senior living homes near me’ or ‘retirement homes near me’, explore Serene Pushkar and Serene Adinath by Columbia Pacific. Our senior living homes in Chennai are ideal  if you prefer a worry-free retirement lifestyle. Our on-site team takes care of housekeeping, laundry, maintenance work, and cooking so that you enjoy your free time pursuing old hobbies and exploring new interests. Our senior living homes are integrated with modern facilities such as a clubhouse, senior-friendly gym, library, restaurants, and yoga classes to keep you physically and socially active. To know more about our senior living homes in Chennai, call us at +918884555554.

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