Tips for keeping a gratitude journal. Useful insights by one of the premium senior citizen homes in Bangalore

October 11, 2022

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Community living in Bangalore

It is important to be grateful for small and big things in life. Gratitude can shift your focus from negative to positive experiences, increase resilience in the face of stress, and boost overall well-being. One way to cultivate an attitude that encourages you to see the brighter side of life is to keep a gratitude journal. As one of the premium senior citizen homes in Bangalore, here are some tips to keep a gratitude journal: Choose a journal: When choosing a gratitude journal, consider how you want to pen down your thoughts. Would you prefer to write in a physical journal or use a digital app? Will you carry the journal with you? Would you prefer lined or unlined pages? These are all the important factors that will help you pick the right journal for you. If you are looking for a journal to carry with you, consider something small and lightweight. If you want a journal that you can keep at home, the size should not be an issue. Focus on the benefits of journaling: Gratitude journaling comes with great benefits such as: A greater sense of calm Lower stress levels Clarity These benefits can help you focus your time and energy on the things that truly matter to you. The other benefits of journaling are: Boosts happiness: A daily dose of self-love can improve your mental state. As per a study, people who consciously count their blessings are happier than those who do not. Reduce stress: Gratitude journaling can help increase your resilience in the face of stress. Studies have shown that people who practice gratitude can cope with stressful situations. Set aside time for writing: Developing a gratitude journal practice is not an easy task. However, once you get into the habit, it becomes easy. One way to make it a habit is by clubbing it to an existing habit such as having your morning coffee or reading before bed. This will give you dedicated time to pen down your thoughts. Start small: The whole idea of starting a gratitude journal is to appreciate the life around you. However, if you are finding it difficult to write a lot, start small. Write a sentence or two every day. You will eventually find your flow. Use gratitude journal prompts: Journal prompts can give you an idea of what to write about. Here are some prompts that help you to start with your gratitude journal: Name any five things that make you happy Write about something positive happening in your life Name five people who have been supportive of you What do you like about your retirement community? Things that made you smile today Write about a friend that you are grateful for Describe your favourite moment of the day Are you looking for a premium senior citizen home in Bangalore that promotes positive ageing? Our premium senior citizen home in Bangalore is designed to offer exquisite comfort during your retirement years. It will have restaurants, bistros, business centres, and multi-purpose halls. The community will also have an open-air swimming pool, spa, salon, and sauna. There will be a dedicated yoga and aerobics deck. Book a virtual tour of our senior living community in Bangalore or give us a call at +918884555554.  

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Creating colour harmony for your home: useful insights by one of the premium senior citizen homes in Bangalore

June 8, 2022

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Creating colour harmony for your home

For seniors, their home is their sanctuary. It is the place where they sleep, relax, and host get-togethers. A thoughtfully designed home can help seniors live in comfort. An important factor that influences the interior design of a home is the colour scheme. Colour harmony is created when colours in a scheme work well with each other. As one of the premium senior citizen homes in Bangalore, we share with you a few useful insights on creating colour harmony for your home:    Understand the fundamentals of a colour scheme: A colour scheme consists of a combination of colours. By pairing different colours together, endless colour palettes can be created. To choose the right colour scheme, you must understand the different moods that each colour scheme evokes. Types of colour schemes: To know how to create colour harmony in your house, you have to first zero in on the right colour scheme. Once you have done that, you can search for paint inspirations online or in architectural magazines. Here are some of the common types of colour schemes:  Monochromatic colour scheme: This scheme focuses on a single colour. It uses various hues of the single colour to create contrasts. White, grey, or black are some of the popular choices for a monochromatic colour scheme. It is timeless and trendy. When done right, it can make the house look elegant and sophisticated.  Analogous colour scheme: This colour scheme has three colours that border each other in the colour wheel. This colour scheme starts off with a base hue and is extended with two adjoining hues. The word “analogous” means closely related. Together these shades create a harmonious appeal. For instance, in a living room, the walls can be yellow whereas the furnishing can be muted green.  Triadic colour scheme: This scheme has colours that are placed equidistant from each other on the colour wheel, forming a triangle. Though the colour scheme lends a colour appeal to the home, it can be a little difficult to achieve.  Neutral colour scheme: A neutral colour scheme has gained a lot of popularity of late. It typically consists of hues of white, grey, and black  along with other neutral colours such as such beige, tan, and brown.  How to choose a colour scheme: When it comes to creating colour harmony in your home, there are many factors to be considered. Some of them are:  Personal taste: If you like clean and crisp lines, monochromatic colour scheme and neutral colour scheme can be good choices. For a bolder look, the triadic colour scheme is perfect. The analogous colour scheme can work well to give an ombre effect.  Lighting: Both natural light and artificial light should be considered when choosing colour for a space. They can make the room look different at different times of the day.    Looking for premium senior citizen homes in Bangalore?    Explore our senior living community in Bangalore – it will offer you an great retirement lifestyle. The community will have a swimming pool, theatre , café, dining area, library, spa, and other amenities to help you enjoy your golden years to the fullest. To know more about the senior living community and the average cost of retirement home per month, book a virtual tour or call us at +91884555554.

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