How Senior Living in India is Helping The Active Retirees Pursue Their Passion

March 8, 2021

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How Senior Living in India is Helping The Active Retirees Pursue Their Passion

There is a growing body of evidence which shows that following creative pursuits can significantly improve our sense of wellbeing. A recent study commissioned by BBC Arts found that time spent on pursuing creative activities can have a huge effect on the way we manage stress and face new challenges. Also, when we nurture our creative pursuits, we build more confidence which has the power to push us out of our comfort zones and take chances. This applies to people of all ages, young as well as old – which is why today’s senior living facilities are helping their residents nurture their creative sides.. With a calendar filled with community activities based on residents’ creative interests and hobbies, senior living communities in India are motivating their elderly residents to pursue their passions in unique ways. Music and dance classes: For many seniors, music is much more than a song or a symphony. It’s a mood-enhancer and can significantly reduce stress levels. According to a study published in PLOS One, listening to music has a relaxing effect on our mind. Dancing is also known to boost one’s mental wellbeing; it releases oxytocin, a ‘happy’ hormone that floods our system and helps us relax. Many senior living communities in India like ours host dance workshops and music classes to help residents learn new musical instruments or dancing steps. Book clubs and well-stocked libraries: Reading offers us a much-deserved escape into our imaginations, inviting us into worlds of limitless possibilities – and it’s proven to be good for our mental and physical wellbeing. In fact just six minutes of reading is found to be helpful in reducing stress levels, as per a study by the University of Sussex. Libraries play an important part in the wellbeing of our residents and form the hub of our communities. Columbia Pacific Communities have wi-fi enabled libraries which feature collections of fiction, non-fiction books, movies, CDs and more. Craft workshops: Engaging in mindful activities like pottery or sewing can help seniors focus on their thoughts and feelings, which can boost their mental health. It also gives them an enormous sense of accomplishment. At our senior living communities, residents have opportunities to participate in various art and craft workshops. At Columbia Pacific Communities, you can enjoy your golden years to the fullest in peaceful and connected communities. To schedule a tour of our facilities, call us on  +91 8884555554.

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How Seniors can Prepare for a More Vital Retirement? Check Out these Tips from one of the Best Rated Senior Living Communities in India

January 23, 2021

Categories : Retirement Planning Tips

How Seniors can Prepare for a More Vital Retirement? Tips from Senior Living Communities

Retirement presents you with an excellent opportunity to lead a life of endless possibilities – from trying your hand at something new to going on impromptu trips. However, to enjoy your retirement years to the fullest, you need to create a plan that will help you meet your retirement goals. As one of the best rated senior living communities, we share with you some of the best tips for a healthy and fulfilling retirement: Start planning your finances early: You need to be careful about your investment planning so that you can enjoy the sunset years without having to worry too much about your finances. Your investment strategy for retirement will depend on how far away retirement is for you. Many people often make investment mistakes like not having a diverse portfolio, saving without any goals, and not considering the effect of inflation on their investment returns. To avoid such mistakes, you can take professional help. Also, it is important to keep monitoring your current investment plan. Focus on your health: By focusing on your health from early on you can avoid some of the age-related illnesses. Healthy eating habits and physical activity can help you maintain ideal body weight and feel more energetic. Go for regular health checkups to keep a tab on your physical and cognitive health. By spotting risk factors for certain diseases, you can take early precautions Make a wish list of activities: After retirement, with so much time at hand, you may struggle to find ways to spend your time in meaningful ways. One of the best ways to get the most out of your golden years is to create a wish list of things you always wanted to do. Learning a new language, playing a musical instrument, or travelling – there is a lot you can do to make your retirement years fun and fulfilling. Think positively about ageing: Ageing is inevitable whether you like it or not. However, how you perceive it will define the quality of your life. A positive attitude about ageing can have a positive effect on your physical and mental health. Start searching for a retirement home early on: Many people choose to live in senior living communities as the move gives them reassurance and peace of mind and helps them enjoy an independent, happy, and fulfilling retirement. Some of the best senior living communities such as ours offer a worry-free lifestyle. When you decide to move to a senior living community, you leave your worries about housekeeping and property maintenance behind. Choosing a retirement home is a long-term commitment, it is best to start your search early so that you can weigh all available options. Read More – Retirement Planning 6 tips For A Successful Retirement

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How to Start Your Search for the Best Rated Senior Living Community?

October 12, 2020

Categories : Community Living Tips

Investing time in searching for the best rated senior living communities with good amenities and trained professionals is important for your long-term happiness. Here are a few things that will help you choose one where you can live your golden years in bliss: Make safety a priority: Safety should be your top priority. The best senior living communities provide a safe, secure, and a calming atmosphere. They ensure 24×7 security without being intrusive. Our senior living communities use the latest technology to ensure that the premises are well-guarded. Gates are manned by security personnel 24×7 with CCTV surveillance for the premises. Do check the location: The location should have easy accessibility and yet have a calming environment. Our communities are conveniently located and are well – connected to other parts of the city. Residents get to enjoy open spaces and there is greenery in and around the complex. The tranquil atmosphere of our communities makes it a great place to relax and enjoy yourself. Check out the amenities: Amenities at senior living communities should be comprehensive so that residents do not have to venture out for basic things. Laundry facilities, housekeeping and concierge are some basic facilities that should be there. Make sure that senior living communities have a swimming pool, fitness center, movie theatres and spacious outdoor areas. At our retirement homes, we provide all-round services to our residents that include emergency medical facilities, recreational activities and amenities such as clubhouse, business centre, restaurant and more. Tour the facility: Once you have zeroed in on a few senior living communities, visit them personally. All you need to do is book an appointment and the team will walk you through the whole community.

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