The charm of the unspoken

August 10, 2019


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As I spent a rainy Saturday bird-watching from my window with Sun Music (TV channel) thankfully playing a good selection of melodious numbers, I wondered how fascinating poetry as a medium of expression could be! Poetry truly transcends limits – be it time, space, circumstances, even reason. And yet it is so appealing. The more abstract the content, the more we can relate to it. What a paradox!


By saying less, much is left to the imagination of the reader, and that is exactly why the impact is profound and stays with the reader for long.


While some poets dwell in exaggeration to emphasise their subject’s beauty, using metaphors that spring out of nowhere, others appeal to the language of the heart, without baring it all, in a bid to engage the reader more.


The success of poetic expressions lies in their subtlety. The magic of the unsaid adds to its depth – it is entirely upto the reader‘s stretch of imagination and interpretation! Engaging in poetry is surely a rejuvenating exercise for one’s brain.


I leave sharing some lines that left an impression:

“Will walking towards the west make the night fall early?”

– Thamarai, Tamil poet


This blog post is by Sujatha Sathiamurthy, resident of Serene Indus Valley by Columbia Pacific Communities.

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