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Common Health Mistakes Made by Seniors: Curated by One of the Leading Retirement Homes in India

October 21, 2021


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There is no secret to ageing well except leading a healthy lifestyle. Eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly, keeping stress under control, and getting regular health screenings are all important for your health. However, many seniors often commit health mistakes that prevent them from ageing well. As one of the leading retirement homes in India, we share some common health mistakes to help you cope with the changes that accompany ageing: 

1. Not being proactive about your health: Many seniors visit a doctor only when they experience a health problem. By scheduling regular health screenings, seniors can benefit from early intervention. At our retirement homes in India, vital parameters of our residents are periodically monitored along with regular health screenings for early detection and treatment of ailments.

2. Driving even when it is  not safe: Being able to move around in your vehicle is indeed a sign of independence. But as you age, your vision, reflexes and hearing change. These changes can make it harder for you to drive safely. Though there is no particular age when people should stop driving, here are some warning signs to watch out for: 

  • Frequent accidents, even if they cause minor dents and scrapes 
  • Struggling to check blind spots or rearview for lane changes
  • Driving seems physically and mentally exhausting
  • Not being able to tolerate any distractions
  • Misjudging gaps in traffic or misreading traffic signals
  • Driving at night seems difficult


3. Not being receptive towards certain signs of ageing

With old age comes problems such as loss of hearing, dental problems, poor eyesight or change in gait. However, refusing to wear a hearing aid, eyeglasses or dentures, and not using a walking aid are all signs of denial. Not accepting ageing and the accompanying changes can worsen your existing health problems. 

4. Not discussing health issues with your doctor 

There are many health issues that you may think are trivial, but they may require a doctor’s attention. Whether you are suffering from urinary incontinence, constipation, or pain in the back, tell your doctor – even if you feel uncomfortable talking about it. 

5. Not fully understanding doctor’s instructions 

Often seniors have a hard time understanding medical information provided by the doctor. If you don’t understand something the doctor said, ask the doctor to repeat the information. Asking questions is an important part of your healthcare routine – as it helps you get the right information you need to take care of yourself. Also, repeat the information – so that your doctor can confirm whether you got it right. 


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