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Daily Activities That Can Help Seniors Connect With Nature: Insights By a Senior Citizen Home in Bangalore

August 3, 2021


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For seniors, connecting with nature comes with a whole host of benefits – from regulating blood sugar levels and easing chronic pain to reducing stress and anxiety. A study has shown that even a small experience such as hearing the sound of a buzzing bee or the sound of water can have a positive impact on the physical, mental, and spiritual well-being of the seniors. You would be surprised to know that hospital gardens can impact a patient’s recovery from surgery. Research has shown that postsurgical hospital patients staying in rooms looking out on natural scenery recover faster than those staying in rooms with a window view of buildings or brick walls.

Activities for seniors that can help them connect with nature in meaningful ways 

As a senior citizen home in Bangalore, we share some daily activities that can help seniors connect with nature: 

  • Walking: A study has found a link between group nature walks and improved mental health. As you stroll through gardens or parks, try to experience nature. Take in the details of the scenery, inhale the fresh air, and listen to the sounds of birds or children playing.  At our senior community living in Bangalore, there are many open and green spaces where seniors can walk in a safe and secure environment. 
  • Outdoor activities: Bird watching, gardening, fishing and picnic are great outdoor activities that are fun and offer a host of health benefits. Feel the movement of your body as you participate in your favourite outdoor activity. Smell the air, the flowers, and the trees. Tune in and use all your senses. 
  • Note: Outdoor activities are a great way for seniors to get Vitamin D which keeps bones strong and may prevent bone diseases such as Osteomalacia and Osteoporosis. 

    • Outdoor exercises: Joining outdoor exercise group classes such as yoga and aerobics can be rejuvenating for seniors. When exercising on outdoor terrain, your body is challenged more in comparison to when you are working out on a flat indoor surface. At our senior citizen homes in Bangalore, our residents can participate in a wide range of physical activities without stepping outside the community. From yoga classes to in-house swimming pools, our residents have ample in-campus opportunities to stay physically active. 
    • Picnics: A classic outdoor activity, picnics are a great way to get out, breathe in the fresh air, and soak up sunlight. Besides offering opportunities to engage in physical activities, picnics are an enjoyable way to socialise. The concierge team at our senior citizen homes in Bangalore helps our residents plan day-outings.   
    • Gardening: Gardening is one of the most popular outdoor activities for seniors. Gardening helps seniors to stay active and maintain flexibility. It also helps reduce stress and promote relaxation. It has been found that exposure to nature through gardens and gardening activities can enhance psychological well-being among seniors. 
    • Living in our senior citizen homes in Bangalore will help you enjoy your retirement life to the fullest. The green open spaces help you connect with nature while housekeeping, laundry, and maintenance of infrastructure are taken care of by our trained in-house staff. To know more about our senior citizen homes, call us at +91 8884555554.


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