Exercises that promote positive ageing

Exercises that promote positive ageing

April 5, 2022


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The physiological changes associated with ageing are inevitable. However, leading a physically active lifestyle can help seniors stay looking and feeling young. Regular exercise not only helps seniors gain improved balance and gait but also keeps them feeling energised. It is important to include different physical activities in your regimen to improve: 

  • Strength
  • Balance
  • Endurance
  • Flexibility


As one of the leading senior living homes in Coimbatore, we share a few exercises that promote positive ageing and improve different aspects of physical fitness:

  • Strength exercises: With age, there is loss of bone and muscle mass which leads to decreased strength.  This increases the risk of fractures. Strength training exercises make the muscles work harder than usual – which increases muscle strength. Also, it has been found that strength training ensures better limb control, thus reducing the risk of falls. Some of the best muscle-strengthening activities are lifting weights, trekking, cycling, push-ups, sit-ups, and high-intensity yoga. Seniors who are not familiar with these forms of exercises must seek guidance from a trainer to avoid sore muscles and injuries. 
  • Flexibility exercises: Ageing can cause changes in soft tissue which can reduce flexibility and contribute to osteoarthritis. Incorporating exercises that promote flexibility is good for seniors as it helps the body to gain proper gait and balance. Yoga, aerobics, swimming, and cycling are some of the best exercises that help seniors improve flexibility.
  • Balance exercises:The cartilage in the joints decreases with age, leading to poor balance. This can be a cause of falls among seniors. Working on balance can reduce the risk of falls. Yoga, pilates, and Tai chi are low-impact exercises that help seniors gain better balance. 


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