Exercises that promote positive ageing

April 5, 2022

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Exercises that promote positive ageing

The physiological changes associated with ageing are inevitable. However, leading a physically active lifestyle can help seniors stay looking and feeling young. Regular exercise not only helps seniors gain improved balance and gait but also keeps them feeling energised. It is important to include different physical activities in your regimen to improve:  Strength Balance Endurance Flexibility   As one of the leading senior living homes in Coimbatore, we share a few exercises that promote positive ageing and improve different aspects of physical fitness: Strength exercises: With age, there is loss of bone and muscle mass which leads to decreased strength.  This increases the risk of fractures. Strength training exercises make the muscles work harder than usual – which increases muscle strength. Also, it has been found that strength training ensures better limb control, thus reducing the risk of falls. Some of the best muscle-strengthening activities are lifting weights, trekking, cycling, push-ups, sit-ups, and high-intensity yoga. Seniors who are not familiar with these forms of exercises must seek guidance from a trainer to avoid sore muscles and injuries.  Flexibility exercises: Ageing can cause changes in soft tissue which can reduce flexibility and contribute to osteoarthritis. Incorporating exercises that promote flexibility is good for seniors as it helps the body to gain proper gait and balance. Yoga, aerobics, swimming, and cycling are some of the best exercises that help seniors improve flexibility. Balance exercises:The cartilage in the joints decreases with age, leading to poor balance. This can be a cause of falls among seniors. Working on balance can reduce the risk of falls. Yoga, pilates, and Tai chi are low-impact exercises that help seniors gain better balance.    Looking for senior citizen retirement homes in Coimbatore that promote positive ageing?  Our senior living homes in Coimbatore are ideal for independent seniors who wish to age gracefully. Our senior citizen retirement homes in Coimbatore have all the amenities and opportunities to help seniors not just stay physically active but also find new passions and make new friends. Call us at +91 8884555554 to know more about our services and facilities.

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Exercises that reduce anxiety: useful insights by one of the senior living homes in Coimbatore

March 22, 2022

Categories : Senior Health Tips

Healthcare tips for seniors

Nobody is immune to the feelings of anxiety and worry. In fact, these feelings are a normal and essential part of being human. As people age, they worry more about their health. Sometimes, they feel anxious as they worry about the future. Though it is natural to feel anxious once in a while, it can be quite difficult when seniors start suffering from persistent and excessive anxiety over normal and regular issues. Unchecked anxiety can negatively affect an individual’s life.    As Paramahansa Yogananda said: “Learn to be calm and you will always be happy.” When seniors bring a sense of calm into their lives, they enjoy health benefits. There are many exercises that can help seniors feel calm and relaxed. As one of the leading senior living homes in Coimbatore, we share some exercises for seniors that can improve their mood and help calm their mind and body:      1. Play the name game: When seniors are anxious, they need to find a way to take their mind off their worries. Name game is a simple exercise where one has to look around and name three things he or she sees, hears, and feels. This exercise may seem very simple but it helps seniors to be in the moment and experience the wonderful things around them.   2. Practise deep breathing: When people are anxious, their breaths are short and often constrained. One of the best ways to relax in a stressful situation is to consciously take deep breaths. One simple breathing exercise is breathing in through your nose and letting your body fill with as much air as it can comfortably hold. Then relax by slowly exhaling through your mouth.    3. Take a break with tea mindfulness: Seniors who love drinking tea can make their tea time a meditation break. They must concentrate on the process of making tea. Paying attention to the colour and smell of tea leaves and feeling the aroma of boiling tea leaves are great ways to practise mindfulness and be in the present moment. Those who love coffee can perform this practice in the same manner. In fact, this sort of mindfulness can be practised with any activity.    4. Create a gratitude list: Life is full of ups and downs but there is something that one can be grateful for every day. One of the simplest exercises to reduce anxiety is to focus on positive aspects of life. One great way to do that is to maintain a gratitude journal. Writing down positive things can bring happiness, a sense of calm, and help one look at things from a new perspective.    During these uncertain times, it is natural to feel anxious. To help our residents relax and cope with stress, our senior citizen homes in Coimbatore administer yoga, meditation sessions, and breathing exercises. There are open green spaces where our residents can relax and meditate. To know more about our senior citizen retirement homes in Coimbatore, call us at +91 8884555554.

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List of Senior Citizen Homes in Coimbatore that Promote Positive Ageing

May 21, 2021

Categories : Senior Living Tips

senior living homes in Coimbatore

Over the years, Coimbatore has emerged as a perfect retirement destination. As operators of one of the leading senior living homes in Coimbatore, we bring together a community of like-minded seniors, spending their retirement in the pleasant company of each other. Our senior citizen homes in Coimbatore are carefully designed keeping in mind the comfort and social needs of seniors so that they can enjoy the best years of their lives to the fullest. Here is a list of senior citizen homes in Coimbatore that promote positive ageing:  Serene Rose by Columbia Pacific Communities: Spread over 5.76 acres of land, Serene Rose by Columbia Pacific Communities is a senior living community for those who want endless opportunities to socialise and stay active in their leisure years. Releasing residents from the burdens of doing daily household chores, Serene Rose offers serviced living spaces with a life of independence. At our serviced units, residents get complete housekeeping and maintenance services. The social calendar at our senior living community is filled with recreational opportunities so that our residents can spend doing things they love, be it learning a new skill, getting fit or making new friends. The senior community has 2,636 sq m of open space that lets our residents walk, jog and do yoga while enjoying the breathtaking view of the Western Ghats. Serene Idigarai by Columbia Pacific Communities: Life is a celebration at Serene Idigarai by Columbia Pacific Communities. This wonderful senior living community is ideal for those looking for a thriving community life that’s full of enjoyable activities. From celebrating birthdays to organising cultural activities, the senior living community offers seniors a platform to learn new things, socialise and live a physically active lifestyle. Nestled amidst  acres of peaceful grounds with well-maintained gardens, the senior living community gives residents a beautiful feeling each day.  Residents at Serene Idigarai enjoy an unparalleled style of living in a worry free environment. Serene Shenbagam by Columbia Pacific Communities: If you are looking forward to spending your retirement years in the lap of greenery, Serene Shenbagam is the place for you. Spread over 6.5 acres of land, there are 71 independent villas. Our residents have all the modern amenities at their disposal. From housekeeping to 24×7 maintenance, our residents do not have to fret over small things. The community gym is packed with the latest equipments. The senior-friendly complex has over 71,500 sq. ft of open area so that our residents can enjoy outdoor activities in a tranquil atmosphere. The social calendar is designed in such a way that everyone will find something interesting to take part in. Serene Indus Valley by Columbia Pacific Communities: This senior living community in Coimbatore offers idyllic gardens and a variety of wellness-based activities for our residents to enjoy. A worry free lifestyle allows our residents to focus on the things that they love. There are 1, 2, and 3 BHK villas to choose from. The senior living community has a Wi-Fi enabled clubhouse, library and banquet hall.

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You Have Decided to Move to a Senior Citizen Home in Coimbatore, Now What?

December 30, 2020

Categories : Community Living Tips | Retirement Planning Tips

You Have Decided to Move to a Senior Citizen Home in Coimbatore, Now What?

Coimbatore, a city famous for its scenic beauty, is a great place to retire. For active retired citizens, the city offers a host of trekking and camping opportunities. It is also home to several famous hospitals where patients across India and abroad come for treatment. The city has a peaceful vibe and enjoys favourable weather throughout the year. With museums, famous spice shops, a lively shopping scene and great restaurants, Coimbatore is a vibrant yet relaxed place to retire in. It has all the facilities you would want in a modern city, while being rooted in its traditions. It is this unique mix of new and old that attracts retired citizens from all over the country to the city. If you too are charmed by the city’s many attractions and have decided to move to a senior citizen home in Coimbatore, here is a list of things you should do before making a final choice: Visit multiple senior living homes in Coimbatore: The city has some of the best rated senior living homes. Before zeroing in on a senior living home in Coimbatore, visit the place personally. Many retirement homes in Coimbatore offer potential buyers a chance to meet the residents which helps the buyers get a real feel of the social life in the community. Find out about services provided, and other facilities and then decide whether it suits your needs. Making a personal visit will give you an idea not just about the senior living home but also the neighbourhood.Our senior living homes in Coimbatore offer independent villas as well as apartments. All our projects have open spaces. The peaceful communities are well connected to Coimbatore Airport. To know more about our communities, get in touch with us. Ask about the services offered: Daily chores like housekeeping, maintenance and laundry can waste a lot of your time and before you know it, they bog you down. The hassle-free lifestyle offered by senior living homes ensure that essential household chores are being taken care of by the on-site staff, giving you time to focus on your health and social life. At our senior living homes in Coimbatore, we offer prompt service with daily and periodic cleaning schedules and customised housekeeping help for specific tasks. We have trained in-house staff available 24×7 for breakdown or maintenance support. In addition to these services, we have Wi-Fi-enabled clubhouses, facilities for indoor and outdoor games, and well-equipped gyms that help you lead an active lifestyle. Review healthcare facilities: Look for a senior living home that provides medical care including hospital access and emergency medical services. Our senior living homes in Coimbatore have partnered with some of the leading hospitals in the city to ensure that our residents get round-the-clock care. We have 24×7 ambulance services in our senior living homes. Doctors are available on call and staff members are well-versed with emergency protocols. Do not ignore safety and security: Emergency alarm systems, trained and skilled security personnel and CCTV cameras in common areas are some of the important features that good senior living homes have. Our senior living homes in Coimbatore are designed keeping in mind the safety and security of the residents. Common areas and living units have anti-skid tiles. The community and individual living units are easily accessible through ramps and elevators. Our apartments and villas are equipped with panic buttons to seek immediate assistance. If you choose to live in one of our senior living homes in Coimbatore, you get more time to focus on the things you enjoy, including pursuing your hobbies and interests, spending quality time with like-minded residents and enjoying indoor and outdoor recreational activities.

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