grandparents teach grandkids to bounce back

How Do Grandparents Teach Grandkids to Bounce Back? A Helpful Guide By Serene Amara by Columbia Pacific

March 8, 2024


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Grandparents often teach important life lessons to their grandkids. These lessons are so important that they stay with the grandchildren forever. This is especially true for lessons about bouncing back after failing. Everyone fails at some point. Grandparents, who have lived long and experienced a lot, know what to do when things do not go as planned. Here, we share some thoughts on how grandparents can teach their grandkids to be strong and bounce back from failures.

1. Offering unconditional support: Grandparents are always there to support their grandkids when times are tough. They listen to their grandchildren and make them feel better when they fail or feel unsure of themselves. By being there and listening to their problems, grandparents make them feel safe and calm. Being with them through good and bad times is a great way to teach them to be strong and face life’s challenges.

2. Sharing life stories and lessons: Grandparents have many stories from their own lives to tell their grandchildren. They can share about the times they dealt with failure or tough situations. In these stories, grandparents often include details of challenges they faced, mistakes they made, and how they overcame obstacles. These tales are not just stories; they are lessons. Grandchildren learn how their grandparents kept going despite difficulties, whether it was a job loss, a personal setback, or a difficult decision.

3. Encouraging positive thinking: Grandparents can help children understand that focusing on solutions is the best way to handle problems. Instead of worrying about the problem, thinking about how to solve it helps a lot. Grandparents know how important it is to stay positive. They teach children how staying optimistic can make even the hardest situations easier.

4. Teaching patience: Grandparents also teach about the importance of being patient. They show grandchildren that sticking to something for a long time, with patience, is often the key to success. So, instead of getting upset by short-term failures, grandkids should keep their eyes on their long-term goals.

5. Building problem-solving skills: Grandparents help children learn how to solve problems. They do creative activities such as puzzles, games, and DIY projects with them. These activities just are not for fun; they help grandchildren learn how to think carefully, make choices, and find the right solutions. All these experiences help children learn to bounce back from challenges.

Even when living in senior living apartments, grandparents can arrange regular meetups with their grandchildren. These meetups can be through online video calls, phone conversations, or even planned visits. These regular interactions ensure that the bond between grandparents and grandchildren remains strong.

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