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Meditation Apps for Seniors: Check this List by One of the Leading Retirement Homes in Chennai

October 29, 2021


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Spending a few minutes meditating is an effective way for seniors to calm down and find inner peace. The physical, mental, and emotional changes associated with ageing can be overwhelming. However, meditation can help seniors deal with these changes in a positive way.  For seniors looking for guided meditation sessions and exercises in mindfulness, here is a useful read on meditation apps that streamline the learning process. 


Why do seniors need a meditation app? 

Meditation is like riding a bicycle. While some people learn it on their own, some need a little help to practise mindfulness. Humans tend to have a wandering mind – and a wandering mind can be an unhappy one. An app offering guided meditation sessions can help seniors stay focused on the present and become more mindful. Here are some of the key benefits of using a meditation app: 

  • It can be used at any time of the day, anywhere.
  • Seniors can choose from a wide variety of meditation techniques. 
  • The sessions are conducted by experts.
  • The sessions are good for beginners as well as regular meditation practitioners.


As one of the leading senior living homes in Chennai, we have picked some of the meditation apps for seniors that are user-friendly and at the same time engaging: 


  • Headspace: Headspace is one of the most popular meditation apps that helps seniors start their day with mindfulness and clarity.  The app instructs how to sit still and avoid distractions while meditating. The instructions are delivered in a soothing voice. Also, the app offers colourful and calming visuals to help those who like to keep their eyes open while meditating.
  • Breethe: Breethe is more than a meditation app. In addition to guided meditation sessions, there are music playlists and bedtime readings that are designed to help seniors get a good night’s sleep.
  • Calm: Seniors who have been practising mindfulness and meditation for quite some time, can use this app to get access to open-ended meditation sessions. It also offers help to seniors looking for sleep guidance or soothing music to calm their mind.  
  • Buddhify: It is an interactive app designed to introduce users to different techniques of meditation. The meditation sessions can help seniors cope with everyday challenges and difficult emotions. There are several meditation sessions that seniors can attend while they are not seated. For instance, seniors can listen to these sessions while walking or gardening. 

    At our retirement homes in Chennai, the day starts with yoga, meditation sessions, and breathing exercises. The open green spaces in our retirement homes provide excellent opportunities for our residents to relax, meditate, or to self-reflect. 

    If you want to know more about our retirement homes in Chennai, call us at +91 8884555554.


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