Retirement homes in Chennai

Researching Retirement Living? Here’s How to Start?

July 11, 2021



After making the decision to move to a retirement home, the next step is to find the senior living community that fits your lifestyle. To make the right decision, you along with your family members need to do an extensive research on retirement homes. By exploring available options, you can develop a clear understanding of what kinds of amenities and services you want at a retirement home. 

As one of the leading retirement homes in Chennai we share with you some useful tips to help you make an informed decision: 

  • Decide the location: Location is an important factor when choosing a retirement home. Before selecting a location, consider these questions – do you wish to live near your children? Do you want to live in your hometown where you have strong roots? Do you want to live in a different city? Is the location safe for seniors? Is the weather pleasant? Are there hospitals nearby? 
  • Evaluate the amenities: From swimming pools and tennis courts to theatre rooms – the leading retirement communities in India offer a host of amenities to help residents lead a fulfilling retirement lifestyle. Before choosing a senior living community, you need to consider the amenities and services important to liven up your lifestyle and help you enjoy the retirement of your dreams. Healthy meals, concierge, walking paths, laundry, spacious dining halls, banquet service, fitness centre, and a clubhouse are some of the amenities that you can enjoy at Columbia Pacific Communities. Our senior living communities in India have tie-ups with nearby hospitals to ensure round-the-clock care.
  • Check retirement home cost:  The cost varies from city to city. You need to also consider the monthly expenses when selecting a retirement home. The monthly expense at some of the retirement homes in India can vary from Rs 16,800 to Rs 40,000. To know more about the retirement home cost at Columbia Pacific Communities, contact us at +91 8884555554. 
  • Check their social calendar: Today, social opportunities are one of the biggest draws in retirement homes. Good retirement homes like ours have monthly calendars filled with activities such as yoga classes, workshops, and outings.
  • Schedule a visit: Once you have done your research and narrowed it down to a few options, schedule a visit to shortlisted retirement homes. During your visit, check the services and amenities. If you get a chance, speak to the residents and staff members. Visiting retirement homes will give you a clear understanding of the location, social life in the community, services offered and the design of individual apartments.