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Useful Information for Seniors: Walking Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Were Making

June 8, 2021


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Walking is a simple and effective form of exercise. It is great for improving your overall health. Though it is simple, there are some common mistakes that can get in the way of achieving the desired results. Walking the wrong way not just wastes your efforts but can also results in injuries. As operators of one of the leading retirement communities in Bangalore, we share with you walking mistakes that seniors can avoid making while they are out for a stroll: 

  • Wearing the wrong footwear: When it comes to avoiding injury, it is essential to wear the right walking shoes. Athletic sneakers that are supportive, feel good, and fit correctly are ideal for walking. Make sure that your walking shoes are lightweight, while still providing support and cushioning. Wearing inappropriate footwear can make your feet swell when you take a sustained walk. 
  • Not using your arms to your advantage: It is natural to move your arms while walking. But when you keep your arms stiff, they slow you down. Do not keep your arms still at your sides while walking. Rather let them swing naturally forward and back as you walk.
  • Taking wide steps: When you walk faster, there is a natural tendency to reach out farther than your back foot. The longer steps may increase your walking speed but it is an ineffective walking technique that has the potential to lead to an injury. When you overstride in the long run, your shins may hurt. If you are trying to walk fast, taking shorter and quicker steps can be more helpful. 
  • Not maintaining a good posture: While walking if you are always looking down, hanging your head, or checking your mobile phone continuously, you may end up straining your neck and shoulders. This will make walking a less pleasant experience. While walking, make sure the shoulders are loose, arms are moving freely, the neck is in a neutral position and the chin is up so that you’re not straining. 
  • Walking through pain: If you are experiencing pain, it is best to skip your walks for a few days. Walking with pain can lead to soreness, discomfort, and even injury. If you are having trouble walking or experiencing pain that does not seem to go away, see a doctor before continuing your daily walks. 
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