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Useful insights on chair yoga for seniors by one of the leading senior citizen retirement homes in Bangalore

April 12, 2022


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Yoga is one of the best forms of exercise for seniors. With proper yoga training, seniors can improve their flexibility and balance. However, many seniors are not able to do yoga because of mobility challenges. Lying on a mat on the floor can be difficult for them. For seniors with mobility issues, chair yoga can help. As the name suggests, chair yoga is a form of yoga that can be done while sitting. It is comfortable, calming, and includes gentle stretches that are designed to improve a range of motion. As one of the leading senior citizen retirement homes in Bangalore, we share a few useful insights on chair yoga for seniors: 


  • Improves strength and flexibility: One of the major benefits of doing chair yoga is that it helps seniors improve their ability to bend, twist, stretch, and move more freely. According to a study, chair-based exercise helps seniors improve balance, gait speed, and grip strength.  
  • Helps gain balance: Chair yoga helps build strength. More strength can lead to better balance, which can reduce their risk for falls. According to a study, chair-based exercise is a safe intervention for seniors who may be at risk for falls.
  • Improves mood: Yoga breathing can lift mood and improve emotional health. For many yoga asanas, seniors must breathe consciously which is a great way to practise mindfulness. According to a study, conscious breathing and meditation have therapeutic effects that cultivate a sense of calmness and promote relaxation. 
  • Acts as pain reliever: Many seniors often do not practise standing yoga as they suffer from back pain and joint pain. There are many chair yoga asanas (poses) that benefit seniors who suffer from pain. Be it back pain, neck pain, or shoulder pain, doing chair yoga over a sustained period can help seniors get relief from pain. 


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