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Best Retirement Homes in India are Helping Seniors Find Happiness and Meaning with Ageing

January 19, 2021

Categories : Ageing Tips

Retirement Homes are Helping Seniors Find Happiness and Meaning with Ageing

The best retirement homes in India help seniors lead a purposeful and satisfying life after retirement. With an active social calendar, excellent fitness facilities, housekeeping and maintenance staff and tie-ups with leading hospitals and healthcare centres, they strive to take care of their residents’ mental and physical well-being. Our senior living communities are driven by a firm belief that retirement is not the end of the road but a new beginning. Here we discuss how the best senior living communities in India such as ours are helping elderly residents lead an enriching life: Learning doesn’t have to stop: Learning at any age is beneficial. However, as people age, the significance of learning new skills grows. Research studies have shown that as seniors learn new skills it affects their mental wellbeing positively. To encourage our residents to stay mentally stimulated, we offer a host of facilities like libraries, game rooms and art workshops. Our senior living communities have interest-based clubs for community members like reading clubs and art clubs where members meet, discuss and debate. Also, we regularly host informative seminars and workshops on a wide variety of topics. Setting your fitness goals: Retirement gives seniors plenty of time to work on their fitness regime. The group fitness activities conducted in our senior living communities are not only engaging but also help our residents with their health and wellness journeys. When people exercise in groups, it encourages them to meet their fitness goals. From yoga classes and senior-friendly gyms to swimming pools and aerobics classes – there is always an opportunity for our seniors to stay physically active. Worry-free lifestyle: Life after retirement is all about rewarding yourself for years of hard work and the last thing you want is to worry about household chores. Our senior living communities offer residents an independent lifestyle where instead of fretting about property maintenance and cooking, they can pursue their hobbies or even develop new ones, widen their social circle, go out on trips, and feel a part of the community. Housekeeping, laundry, concierge services and wholesome dining options are some of the facilities that we offer our senior residents. Want to know more about our senior living communities? We can give you a guided tour of our communities to provide you with a better feel of the lifestyle our residents enjoy. To book a tour, call us on +91 8884555554. Interesting Read How Retirement Homes in India are Helping Seniors Embrace Positive Lifestyle Changes Retirement Homes in India: Helping Seniors Begin a New Chapter How Retirement Communities in India are Helping Seniors Let Go of Unnecessary Stressors

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Why do Seniors Prefer Moving to Independent Senior Living Communities?

October 24, 2020

Categories : Community Living Tips | Retirement Planning Tips

Many seniors who do not need round-the-clock medical care of a nursing home prefer to live as independently as possible. For them independent senior living communities provide the perfect lifestyle to help them make the most of their retirement years. Here are some reasons why active seniors think independent apartments for elderly are a wonderful place – 1. Safer living environment: From a safety standpoint, the move to independent apartments make sense. Firstly, they are architecturally designed to cater to different needs of senior residents. Second and most importantly, these living facilities are manned by security guards. Our retirement homes have villas and independent apartments for seniors. At Columbia Pacific Communities, we use cutting-edge security systems to ensure that the safety and security of our residents is not compromised. 2. Focus on fitness: As you grow old, the need for you to focus on your health increases. Many retirement homes offer fitness and physical therapy programs to keep seniors active. At our retirement homes, fitness programmes are conducted under the guidance of trained physiotherapists. The clubhouse has indoor and outdoor games, dedicated yoga and aerobics decks and a fully equipped gym. 3. Nutritious meal: After a certain age, cooking daily can be tedious but at the same time, everyone loves home-cooked food. At many retirement homes, the food menu is designed keeping the health of seniors in mind. At our retirement homes, if you choose an independent apartment, there’s provision for you to cook. You can also order in food at your apartment or share meals with others at our spacious dining hall. 4. Maintenance: free lifestyle: Most independent senior citizen apartments have a dedicated maintenance team that helps residents with household and maintenance chores, which keeps residents free from worry. If you are planning to move into one of our independent senior living communities, you’ll meet like-minded individuals of a similar age. When you reside together with people of a similar age it’s easy to form close-knit communities and friendship groups. There are several activities in our retirement homes that will keep you engaged and help you make new friends! To know more about how we promote positive ageing, visit here

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What is an Independent Senior Living?

October 23, 2020

Categories : Senior Living Tips

Independent living is just like living in your own home but without worrying about household chores, upkeep of the house or even laundry. Modern day seniors want more out of their golden years than ever before. They want to pursue new hobbies, learn new skills, and some even want to start a new career – without the burdens of maintaining their homes or living a solitary life. For today’s generation of retirees, the best rated senior living communities are an ideal place to move into and enjoy an upbeat lifestyle. From tranquil villas and apartments to row houses, the best senior living communities like ours offer different housing types. We also offer a range of aspirational lifestyle features such as a wellness spa, swimming pool, gym, salon, restaurant, café and library. Our communities offer seniors ample opportunities to enjoy a fulfilling, socially active and an independent lifestyle at beautiful locations across the country. Here we discuss a few more benefits of staying at one of the independent senior living communities in Columbia Pacific Communities: ● There’s never a dull moment: There is a wide range of vibrant and engaging community programs that focus on the body, mind and soul. These programs help you meet like-minded residents and make new friends. At our senior living communities, we host movie screenings, music concerts, spiritual lectures and educational workshops regularly. ● You have free time to explore new hobbies: With no household chores to worry about, you can utilize your time to learn a new hobby. ● You can focus on your health: One of the best things about moving into one of our senior living communities is that we take a holistic approach towards the health of our residents. Days start with stretching exercises designed by trained physiotherapists. You can participate in periodic wellness workshops and awareness lectures and be more proactive about your health. All our senior living communities have gyms with cardiovascular and strength training equipment. Services offered at our independent senior living facilities ● Housekeeping and maintenance: The best rated senior living communities like ours relieve you of the burden of having to do everyday chores such as cooking, cleaning and home maintenance. We offer customised housekeeping help for specific tasks. We also have trained in-house team members to tend to any breakdown or regular maintenance, 24X7. ● Dining Services: As you get older, proper nutrition is vital for healthy ageing. We serve home-style, nutritious food. Our menu is designed keeping in mind the specific nutritional requirements of our residents. ● Concierge: Whether you need help with booking tickets at the nearest cinema hall or want to hire vehicles for your impromptu trips – our concierge services are always available to take care of your needs. ● Support with medical needs: We have partnered with the nearest hospitals for all your medical needs. Emergency care with 24X7 ambulance services is also available on the premises. Our independent senior living communities offer residents a safe and positive environment that delivers accommodation, lifestyle and wellbeing services. To know more about our services, visit here

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