Podcasts on entertainment for seniors: list by one of the leading senior citizen homes in India

March 17, 2022

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Podcasts on entertainment for seniors - Columbia Pacific

Today, seniors are embracing new forms of entertainment. From watching movies on streaming sites and playing games on tablets to attending virtual concerts in different cities – media consumption habits are changing rapidly for seniors. One channel that has gained immense popularity amongst seniors are podcasts – they are streamable and downloadable audio entertainment. They are easy for on-the-go listening like a radio. However, unlike a radio, these audio programs are delivered through the internet and can be accessed on computers, smartphones, tablets, and other digital devices. Given the growing popularity of podcasts, it is not surprising to know that India is the third largest consumer of podcasts.   As one of the leading senior citizen homes in India, we have curated a list of engaging and interesting podcasts. Check this list:    Armchair Expert With Dax Shepherd: If you are looking for something lighthearted and yet thoughtful, Armchair Expert With Dax Shepherd is the perfect podcast for you. The host interviews celebrities on his show. The interviews usually revolve around the “messiness of being human” and the struggles that help define a celebrity’s life. Stuff You Should Know: If you are looking for humour, knowledge, and short content, you will find ‘Stuff you should know’ interesting and engaging. The hosts talk about everything under the sun – from the history of traffic signals to how the Nobel Prize works. They also have ‘Short Stuff’ – where each episode is of 10 minutes to 15 minutes.  The Daily Quote: If you love to start your day on a positive note, this podcast will put you in a good mood. There are 2 to 3 minutes of positive quotes and thoughts. They are great to give your mornings a positive beginning or to find a sense of calm when things are not going well.  Tech Tutor for Seniors: Do you wish to stay in touch with your family and friends through video calls and social media but struggle with technology? Well, Tech Tutor for Seniors will help you navigate the ever- changing technology landscape. From using smartphones and fitness bands to understanding video chatting – the podcast will help you understand technology and how to use it the right way. Tech Tutor for Seniors is hosted by a senior who wishes to defy the stereotypes surrounding baby boomers and technology.   Looking for senior citizen retirement homes that promote positive ageing?    At our premium retirement homes in India, we truly believe that age is just a number. Our senior citizen homes are designed in a way that encourages our seniors to stay active physically and socially. All our senior citizen homes in India have age-appropriate gyms and dedicated jogging and walking paths. There are daily yoga and aerobic sessions and walking groups. The monthly calendar is full of activities and events that give plenty of opportunities to our seniors to get to know each other and socialise. To know more about our retirement homes, call us at  +91 8884555554.

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Depression and sleep disorder: useful insights for seniors

February 25, 2022

Categories : Senior Health Tips

Healthcare tips for seniors

A good night’s sleep is important for the physical and mental well-being of seniors. Though experts recommend eight hours of sleep at night, many seniors fail to get it. When not addressed timely, sleep problems can put seniors at risk of serious medical conditions, including diabetes and heart diseases. Sleep disorder in seniors has also been associated with depression. Sleep deprivation affects mood and those suffering from depression often find it hard to sleep. It is a vicious cycle. As one of the leading senior living communities in India, we have curated useful insights on how sleep affects depression: 1. Poor quality sleep increases the risk of depression: A person’s mood heavily depends on how well he or she sleeps each night. While not getting sleep before some important events is natural, inadequate sleep that spans over weeks or months spells trouble for one’s mental well-being. It has been found that even mildly insufficient sleep is linked to an increased risk for depression and anxiety 2. Sleep apnea and depression: Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder that causes one to stop breathing during sleep. It causes insomnia, fatigue, and headaches that can affect daily life. According to a study, untreated sleep apnea can cause people to suffer from depression. Depression and sleep apnea have similar symptoms such as: Fatigue  Too much sleepiness in the daytime  Irritability Difficulty focusing Headaches Poor sleep quality 3. Insomnia and sleep: According to a study, people with chronic insomnia are at an increased risk of developing anxiety disorders and depression. Though the relationship between sleep and depression is quite complex, seniors can benefit from following a healthy lifestyle that includes good sleep habits. Here are some healthy lifestyle changes that can promote better mental well-being and good sleep: Stick to a sleep routine: Going to bed at the same time every night and waking up at the same time can help the body follow a schedule. Sticking to a schedule can help the body prepare itself for sleep. Here is an insightful read on improving sleep hygiene.  Practise relaxation techniques: It can be difficult to sleep when the mind is not calm. Breathing exercises for relaxation, a warm bath, meditating, reading, and journaling positive thoughts are a great way to unwind before the end of the day. These activities help prepare the body for a restful night’s sleep. Note: If seniors suspect that sleep disorder is causing anxiety or depression, they must consult a medical expert. If diagnosed with sleep disorder, treatment must be sought without delay.    As one of the premium retirement homes in India, our priority is the overall well-being of our residents. In addition to conducting regular health checkups, we offer our residents a myriad of opportunities to stay physically and socially active. Our social calendar includes a wide variety of activities such as yoga, aerobics, and dance classes that keep our residents physically active and mentally engaged in a productive and healthy way. To know about our retirement homes in India and services we offer, call us at +91 8884555554.

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FAQs on Senior Citizen Homes in India and Their Answers

November 10, 2020

Categories : Community Living Tips | Retirement Planning Tips

If you are looking for a senior citizen home in India, here is a list of FAQs and their answers to help you make an informed decision: 1. What are the different kinds of senior living facilities in India? In India, there are retirement homes with independent living facilities, nursing homes and respite care. Retirement homes with independent living facilities are ideal for those who are healthy and wish to lead an active life. 2. What kind of amenities can be expected in good retirement communities in India? Here are some of the common facilities that we provide at our retirement communities in India: ● Housekeeping ● Maintenance ● Food and beverage service ● Club house ● Fitness centre ● Swimming pools (at select communities) ● Spa and salon (at select communities) ● Library ● Indoor and outdoor games facilities ● Buggy facility for intra-community mobility ● Concierge ● Emergency care ● Banquet service 3. How much does it cost to buy a senior citizen home in India? The cost of an apartment or a villa in senior citizen homes in India varies from city to city, depending upon cost of living, location and amenities offered. It can range from Rs 30 lakh for a small one BHK to over Rs 1 crore for a three BHK. 4. What are the benefits of living in retirement communities in India? Retirement communities in India offer more than just accommodation – they focus on helping the residents enjoy an active and worry-free lifestyle. Some of the benefits of moving into a senior citizen home include – ● Senior-friendly accommodation ● 24X7 in-house maintenance team ● 24X7 security ● Active social life ● Opportunities to learn new things 5. What amenities can I expect at premium retirement homes? Premium retirement homes in India offer a 5-star hotel-inspired lifestyle. In addition to providing basic services like housekeeping, maintenance and concierge services, they have restaurants, movie theatres, a swimming pool, spa, salon, gym, business centre and other high-end amenities.

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Checklist: Selecting Premium Retirement Homes in India

October 2, 2020

Categories : Retirement Planning Tips

Leading premium retirement homes in India like ours are dedicated to supporting the physical and mental wellbeing of new age retirees. With facilities such as swimming pools, gyms, bistros, lounges with chef-prepared meals and a spa – premium retirement homes in India operate like five-star resorts that radiate homely vibes. If you are planning to move into a premium retirement home in India, here is a checklist that will help you narrow down your choices – Amenities: Many premium retirement communities in India are ensuring that their retirement homes have upscale amenities that one can expect to find in a five-star resort or hotel. Designed to provide the residents with a dynamic, fun-loving, maintenance-free lifestyle, many premium retirement home communities like ours offer concierge services, maintenance support to handle electrical and plumbing work and supervised staff for household chores like dusting and mopping. With a fully-equipped geriatric gym, air-conditioned library, sprawling courtyards and multi-purpose hall for parties – our premium retirement home in Bangalore promotes a sense of community and belonging. Dining: Gone are the days when dining options at retirement homes were associated with bland and tasteless food. Nowadays, trained chefs and dieticians are hired to ensure that delicious and healthy food is served at retirement communities. Food preferences of residents are taken into account when the menus are designed. At Columbia Pacific Communities, there are regular review meetings between the food and beverage team and residents to ensure that the team accommodates all the special needs of the residents due to dietary restrictions or health concerns. Premium services: There are little luxuries that make premium retirement home facilities like ours welcoming. We understand that for some people, it is not just a new home they are seeking, but a whole new approach to life. Our premium retirement communities in Bangalore have been meticulously designed to create a place of well-being that nurtures one’s body, mind and spirit. From beautiful landscaped gardens and yoga decks to spa and massage services – our community is committed to making every day meaningful and fun for our residents. Privacy, dignity, respect and independence are at the heart of our services and we seek frequent feedback from our residents to ensure that we get every single detail right.

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