71st Republic Day of India

February 10, 2020


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A Ramasami, resident of Serene Pelican by Columbia Pacific Community, dedicates a poem to the nation that India used to be and salutes the forgotten heroes of India’s freedom struggle.


Kings of many, many kingdoms

Know not how many kingdoms

Kindling hatred among one another

Ruled large and small parts of India


Came as businessmen

Conquered Indian rulers

Came into existence

One British India


Installed by an emperor, English

Governors of various provinces

Instigating enmity between kings

Grabbed their kingdoms


One hundred and fifty years

One soul named Gandhi born

Oneness with patriotism resounded

Leading to a free India

In 1947 and secular Republic in 1950


Missing common thread of unity

Much against the wish of Mahatma

Mighty India vivisected into two

As India and Pakistan


Uncanny English rulers left

Ungracefully leaving Kashmir in between

Ugly wars between India and Pakistan

Unending loss of precious lives


No border dispute in British India

Nonstop dispute after Independence

None to find an amicable solution

Nothing to stop border killings


Military spending abnormally inflated

Money for the poor not there

Men in uniform shedding lives

Making more widows for mourning


God, god, end the war

Give us peace, peace

Gracefully pray, let us pray for

Grandchildren to live happily.


This blog post is by Serene Pelican (Puducherry) resident A. Ramasami.

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