April 29, 2021


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Friends,Serenites, Countrymen,Lend me your ears,

I come to praise CPC, not to rebuke

CPC is honorable, they will keep their word

I come to praise Serene, not to revoke

Serene staff is honorable, they will do their duty.


One question arises in my mind

To be in Serene or not to be

That is the question.

Far from the maddening crowd,

Far from the COVID pandemic

I sought refuge in Serene.


At nights, the roaring of the planes

Drive away my  doubts and fears

And lull me to deep sleep!

The chirping of birds awaken me

I look out of the window

The red streak of sun rise, I watch

The green foliage, the myriad blossoms,

The trimmed bamboo bushes

The placid  pool of water

The meditating Buddha, as I behold

My heart fills with peace.


I await a new day with renewed hopes

My creative urge finds  expressions

In dance and music, in art and poetry,

.A valuable lesson I did learn at Serene,

Some one is more intelligent, more beautiful

More talented, more proficient than you are,

So I buried my ego, fought the green eyed monster of jealousy,

Extended my hand in friendship and love.


As the evening falls, the glorious sun set

Beckons me to stroll along,

The tree lined avenues

Holding the hands of my beloved.

As the night creeps in and the stars sparkle

And the silvery moon shines

I return to my sweet home

I retreat to safe Serene,

I take refuge in my SHANGRILA.



Serene Urbana by Columbia Pacific Communities

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