February 10, 2020


Categories : Poems by our residents


A Ramasami, resident of Serene Pelican by Columbia Pacific Community, describes the immense pleasure he once derived from glancing upon dancing sunflowers during a long drive.


As I was gazing through the speeding car,

A flash crossed across my eyes,

A beautiful mind-mending delight,

A colourful heart-filling display,

A never-ending brain activator,

A sight, lovely sight always to enjoy.


A sea of sunflowers fluttering and dancing,

Twisting, twinkling and thrilling sunflowers,

Gleaming, glowing and glittering sunflowers,

A miracle blooming on either side of the road,

A blissful vision for the gazing eyes,

A gleeful spectacle ever to remember, never to forget.


At the precarious hour of melancholy,

At the time, when spirits are at an ebb,

A ray of happiness flashed out of memory,

A gay of gaiety blossomed in the heart.


A recall, a sudden recall of gazing through a speeding car,

An immense pleasure of seeing the sunflowers along the drive,

A sprouting recollection from the slumbering subconscious,

Assuage a way out of depression leading to elated high spirits.


This blog post is by Serene Pelican (Puducherry) resident A. Ramasami.

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