Zest Beach

April 29, 2021


Categories : Poems by our residents


It was a fine Sunday morning

Twilight announcing the

Rising of beautiful orange sun

In the eastern horizon.


A group of seniors from

Serene Pelican waking up

Taking their cars with some

Senior friends proceeding to

Zest beach 5 kms away


A grand sight await to receive the

Oldies with extended arms

A big orange ball sprouting from

Watery east, trumpeting the

Arrival of beautiful sun


A happy meeting of a few

Seniors having friendly chat

While walking along the

Unending stretch of sea shore

Watching the graceful sight of sun rise


After thirty minutes of brisk walking

Up and down, body full of perspiration

Sitting around in the shore sand

Analyzing thread bare the day to day

Happenings of A to z of world around


As soon as they start feeling

The heat of morning sun,

Stand up withering away

The sticking sand from the body

Happily returning to Serene Pelican.


Bad clutters in the brain

Peeling off to calm the mind

Rejuvenating the life force

To joyfully accept the day to day

Happenings of good and bad alike


28-04-21. villa 166,Serene Pelican by Columbia Pacific Communities


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